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  1. Hey all, first time doing baby backs on my custom smoker.  Im going to keep the temp between 225-250 with charcoal and aplle and hickory chunks.  So i know i should do a "2,2,1" method.  But what should i look for to know when to foil them in case t takes less or more time. Same goes for unfoiling them.  What do i lokk for and when do i know when to take them out.  Thank you.

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    I have to say ribs are one of my favorite meats to smoke and eat.Vheck out this link if you haven't seen it yet.It will tell you everything you need to know for smoking ribs!  
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    You're gonna be right in the zone at the 2 hour mark as long as your cook temps are stable, so don't get too twitchy about it.  That first 2 hours or so is to lay down the smoky goodness.  The foiling is about essentially getting them close to the fall-off-the-bone tender phase while the last hour or so is to get them right where YOU want them.  That is when I start checking to see when they achieve the consistency I seek.  That goal may be different for you than me or any one else, so it's all about pleasing yourself.  Keep notes on what you do so you can either duplicate it or more easily tweak it if you wish to change something.

    Show us the Q-view!
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    What he said!
  5. Thanks everyone, i will be making these on good friday or that thursday.  I will try to remember to upload some pics of it.  Thanks again.
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    Hey---The guy's a Chiropractor --- Knows all about tenderness in ribs, shoulders, necks, and spinal columns!

    I know---used to have to go to one!

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    Ribs are a great item to smoke and if you follow the directions from the members here you to will be a rib smoke KING. Enjoy[​IMG]
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    I like to add smoke for about four hours and than foil them. You want the meat to pull back from the ends of the bone a 1/4 inch or so......Good  luck they will be great
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    Great read. I dont see any mention of basting or moping the ribs when if ever should a rib sauce be applied to the ribs? Do you have a link to a kickass rib sauce? Im making baby bavks today for tje first time. My girl loves em so i dont wanna let her down.
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    You can spritz them IF you want. I use to use a apple juice/bourbon mix. It's all up to you & what you prefer. You could use a barbque/honey mix for the last hour for the sticky, gooey, sauce shine some like. That's how my boy likes them.
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    i was gonna hit it with some apple juice, water, and apple cider vinigear.. any idea how much of each I should put , i dont have any burbon and dont really feel like going to buy some right now.. they been in the smoker for almost an hour.. I"m having troubble getting the temp over 200 tho. The weather is kinda shitty here today! I'll post my pics once they are done!
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    They will be fine at 200, they may take a little longer. Before we go on are you sure the smoker is at 200? Are you using a reliable digital thermometer?The factory therms are almost always wrong. That being said the mop sauce I use is just 1 part your favorite BBQ sauce (I use Jeff's) and 1 part apple juice. I heat it on the stove so it's hot when you mop, otherwise it will bring the temp down on the ribs. Here's a link to ribs I did yesterday.
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  13. Hey all, Since i started the thread i figure i will put some Q-view on.  Keep in mind this is the first time i have ever smoked with my home made unit.  They r being finished here are earlier ones.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    Those are some good looking ribs. I'd say your first smoke on your new rig was a great success. Congrats!
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    Looks real good from my house!

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    looking fine..nice pullback on the tips...

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