Baby Back Ribs ~ Best way ?

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  1. I cook my baby back ribs 2 hours unwrap, 2 hours wrap and one hour unwrap with sauce. If I finish the ribs at 4:00 and I don't need them until 6 but will not use all of them at 6:00 whats the best way to store them so they don't over cook or dry out. Last week i cook 12 baby back ribs and when I started serving them I did not sell all of them for 4 hours. When the event was over the ribs were dry out on the outside but tender on the inside.

    Im guessing I need to wrap them in plastic wrap until I'm ready to serve them and sauce them.I thought about doing the last hour in sauce and wrapping them in plastic wrap and when Im ready to serve them unwrap them and put a second coat of sauce. What would you do.

    I have from 10am to 4:00pm to cook but I don't serve them until 6:00pm. whats the best way. 

  2. I would say wrap the cooked ribs in foil, wrap them in towels or a blanket and stick em in an empty cooler. The foil and towels should help them nice and warm and shouldn't dry them out too bad. Hit them with some sauce before serving and you should be good to go. Hope that helps
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    I'm relatively new to the smoking world but I have to second Mr Chucky's advice. Thanks to this site I have gone foil, towel, cooler with all kinds of meats smoked and non-smoked and they stay warm and juicy for hours!
  4. Next time Im going to wrap them and put them in a pan in a cambro and sauce them up before I need them. Yesterday it rained out so I was not able to test it.
  5. When you are having more than 1 rack setting out I would recommend using a foiled pan also.

    This way the moisture and heat (of the ribs) will produce an ambient temp and moisture level inside the pan...think synergy. ; ' )
  6. Next time Im going to take them after they are ready and put them in a pan and when I want to serve them add one more layer of sauce and take them off. Next time I do baby back ribs Ill be doing 24 of them.  I just need to hold them and serve them with in a 4 hour period and have the ones serve the last hour just as good as the first. 

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