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  1. So I tried my first smoke on 2 slabs of baby backs yesterday.  I used my GMG DB I just got and was going to go with the 2-2-1 method.  I did them at 225 the entire day.  After the 2 in foil, they were fall apart already.  So, I put a little sauce on them and went about 30 minutes, just to bark em back up a little.

    The good news was everybody loved the flavor and tenderness.  I was just suprised that the ribs were breaking after the foil round.

    Perhaps my unit is running hot? Or did I do something wrong?


    After 4.5 hours

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    Remember the 2-2-1 is just a guideline. If the ribs weren't as meaty, they will be done quicker. During the wrap phase for ribs, I like to open up one of the foiled ribs and check the tenderness at about 1.5 hours. Give one of the bones in the middle of the slab a little tug and if it feels like it could come out easily, then you are done with wrapping, Then, when back on for that last hour or so, do the bend test or a toothpick test to check for tenderness.

    Also, what type of thermometer are you using?
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  3. The last hour is to firm them back up. Yes you need to check to see the real temp of your smoker as I bet it is not what it reads as most aren't

    Happy smoken.

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    Congrats on your first smoke! They look real good.

    The fun thing about smoking is the learning and getting better at it after every smoke. The guys above gave some great tips to perfect your next smoke...this should help immensely!

  5. Thanks for the insight guys.  In my excitement to use my new toy, I didn't have a good read on internal temp other than with it's setting.  I will have to invest in a thermometer of good quality to know the actual internal temp.  Appreciate the feedback!
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    Most likely this was the issue.  The good thing is everyone loved what you made and they will be better each time you cook.  So, you've got that goin for ya, which is nice.
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