Awesome recipe for a wicked smoked samon

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    I did not know pictures of the process should be uploaded also ... Please give me some time to get photos of the procedure step by step!!! Thanks :)

    I was so stoked the first salmon smoke that I would love to share the recipe. This recipe is for a Bradley digital smoker. Many of you may use this recipe but different smoking temps, different ratios. I'll tell you what's worked for me.
    I bought three large filets from Costco. Not sure exactly how big they were but this recipe is very forgiving. Without skin is better.

    Cut the filets into 1" thick pieces however long you like. I usually do about 3 inches long. Honestly the smaller the better because the brine really has a chance to run through the nugget. Put nuggets in a glass dish or a big container. Use 1 cup kosher salt for every 2 cups brown sugar. I usually mix it in a bowl and then layer it onto the salmon. You want all the salmon very well coated. Almost so you can't see the salmon in the dish. If you like a more salty than sweet, add more kosher salt, but doing 2 to 2 turns out too salty for me! Everyone is different.
    After coating the salmon i glaze the top with honey. and then maple syrup ... You can add as much of this as you want! I usually do about 2-3 cups honey and 1-2 cups maple syrup. I have a serious sweet tooth.
    Let the salmon sit in your fridge for a whole day, mixing it every couple hours to make sure they're all well coated. When the Salmon is done it should be hard to the touch.
    Rinse salmon in cold water thoroughly, so that the slippery texture is somewhat gone.
    Place salmon chunks on your racks tightly together but not touching.
    Set the oven temp to 180.
    I have been using alder and maple bisquettes for the smoke. I think either or tastes amazing. But maple is definitely a winner.
    3 bisquettes burn for 1 hour. Smoke the Salmon for 3-4 hours depending on your liking. I put in 11 bisquettes. Let your smoker get to oven temp before starting the timer.
    Rotate the racks every hour if possible.
    After you remove the racks of Salmon, ziplock bag them right away, to retain that juiciness.
    Of course eat a few pieces first to determine their done :)
    This was my first ever recipe I've posted online. Hope it works for everyone.
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    Oh I'm sorry I did not know I have to post pictures too... I will be smoking more salmon soon and then I will take pictures of each step and create a proper recipe !
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    After you rinsed off the brine, did you let the fish dry and form a pellicle before going into the smoker?   Yes, next time we need pics.
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    Give Smokingirl a break - It takes a while to get used to all the buttons [​IMG]

    Uploading photos is quite straightforward. The button you want is this one...

    Once you click on it you will be stepped through the process. [​IMG]  
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    Good luck girl! This a tough crowd!  [​IMG]

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    PICS!!!!!!  I WANT PICS!!!!!!!!!!

    Many of the recipes for salmon candy you find on SMF call for a soaking period after the curing to remove some of the salt.  Do you think that would be necessary with your recipe?
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    Yes let the salmon dry. Not sure about the pellicle phrase you used there. I use my blow dryer to speed up the process. But it takes about an hour to dry. The Salmon should be dry to touch before going into the smoker.
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    I did not soak my salmon. I rinsed off each individual piece in cold water, and then placed on the racks to dry. Depending on how much salt you use, I don't think soaking is necessary. I prefer mine more sweet than salty, so a good rinse after the cure is all it needs.
    If you used the 2:2 kosher salt to brown sugar ratio, then maybe a soaking would be necessary. I haven't used that ratio however. Hope that helps

    And YES I promise pictures will come.
    I have never posted a recipe online nor did I
    Look at enough online to notice everyone had pictures. So my apologies in advance.
    I could remove the recipe until I have pictures of the procedure if that works better for everyone ?
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    Doing what you did was PERFECT !!!   That drying step formed the pellicle...   Salmon dry to the touch has a pellicle on it....     Helps to hold in the moisture and allows the smoke to stick and penetrate into and on the fish....     Good JOB !!.....
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    We're just messing with you about pics.

    Just adds to the mouth watering!
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    DaveOmak, thank you very much
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    don't take the pic harassment serious... just fun'n with ya....
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    Good! I can wipe these tears away now ! :) :) :)
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    Thanks for this!  Gonna try this recipe this weekend. 

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    Thanks for the recipe, I have a couple of Silvers in my freezer I will try with this.

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  18. thesmokingirl

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    Please let me know how it goes !!!
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    It was a successful smoking, but came out too salty for my taste.  The texture was good, and the fish flaked easily when done. I used 1:1 ratio salt to sugar, and a 1 1/2 pound salmon fillet cut into pieces which shrank up A LOT while soaking (50%?).  BTW, the "CFL" in my name means central Florida, about 2000 miles from the nearest living salmon, so it was from the fish market and supposedly never frozen. 

    I've never been one to salt food, so it may just be my tastes. 
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    1:1 ratio is way too much. For years I have done a 4:1 sugar to salt ratio and it is what we prefer. The 2:1 that was used in the OP's recipe here is probably fine because honey and maple syrup were added too.

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