Awesome deal at Safeway stores! Pork loin rib halves, sliced or whole .99/lb

Discussion in 'Pork' started by meddling kids, May 19, 2013.

  1. I thought I'd throw this out there for anyone looking for a great deal that has a Safeway store near them. I picked up an 8lb package half sliced, half whole. I've got the roast in the smoker now with Jeff's rub along with some chuckies with Cherry wood. I'll post a qview later.
  2. Safeway nearest to me has Foster Farms Whole Fryer Chickens for 89 cents per pound but for some reason they don't have the pork loin on special like your Safeway does.  Thanks for the heads up though.  Hope your loin turns out well.  Enjoy.
  3. My Safeway has Pork Loin Rib Half Sliced for $.99 lb, no chicken. They never let us have it unsliced and their slicing is a bit to be desired. You get chops ranging in thickness from paper thin to 1 inch, all in the same package!!!
  4. Ask for them to leave one unsliced the next day. They told me they would leave it unsliced for me.
  5. I've tried asking them to do that and boy did I get a look, but I could ask again. It certainly wouldn't hurt. I asked if they carried Tri Tip one time and the "butcher" handed me a package of $9.99 lb Strip Steaks.
  6. I buy 99% of my meat at Costco. They have amazing tri tips, butts, and steaks. Oh and super cheap chicken.
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    It's $1.79 lb. here. They do  have chicken wings for $1.99 lb, though. I'll probably pick up some tonight.
  8. We had a Costco membership but with only 2 of us, and not living in the Springs, we only used it about 3 times in a year, but they had some great meat!
  9. If you want anything let me know
  10. I also have a RD membership
  11. I like the Costco meats too.  They actually sell prime cuts which are difficult to find anywhere else.  I always scan the rib eyes, new yorks, filets, etc. because I swear sometimes they label prime cuts as their standard fare and charge the lower price which is substantially less.  I just look at the marbling and sometimes get some very nice surprises.  Maybe this happens due to inexperienced butchers?  Or, maybe too much hastle to prepare special labels for just a couple oddball primes that they get in a shipment?  Anyway, it's kind of like a treasuer hunt.

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