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  1. Hey guys. With all of the smart guy's that we have only this forum, is there a way to have say a spreadsheet that anyone could input data, per cooker? Let's say a Boston Butt, with lbs. Smoker temperature, length of cooking, amount of heat, etc. Seems like this average would help us noobies?
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  2. Naw, the first derivative of the function (slope of the detalT(f)/T(h) would be far more illuminating. Just a little calculus and boom!
  3. Boston Butt LBS. X 2 hours/LB. = Deliciousness

    So 8lb. butt X 2 hours/lb = 16 hour smoke.  Although the meat will always give you variables.

    So in all seriousness there are tons of threads on here with cooking times and temps being run that can guide you.  


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