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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by hippiesmoker, May 31, 2014.

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    Just got a mes30 and looking forward to my 1st smoke tomorrow.  I think I would really like to be able to not have to add chips every 45min.  Reading here it sounds like there are some methods to get many hours of constant smoke without tending. Thing is all of them seem to mention using wood pellets or dust which don't seem to be available anywhere around me. I'd prefer to not have to mail order special wood products, particularly since I have an abundant supply of free local apple and hickory wood available. Anyone recommend a way to generate many hours of smoke using standard wood chunks or chips without requiring manual intervention?  Thanks folks! Can't sleep, excited for the upcoming attempt.
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    I had a hard time finding a source for pellets where I live. I went to everywhere I thought might find smoking gear and accessories but had no luck!

    One day I was drooling over all the smokers on the traeger website and on there is a "find local dealer" space. I typed In my zip code and found out that one of my local hardware stores was a traeger dealer!

    So, the next time I drove by the store, it's a local independent store not a big box store, I pulled in and found they carry three types of pellets but they don't sell the smokers anymore. In fact that's the only thing associated with smoking they carry.

    My local Costco also just started carrying traeger pellets as well. They also have their version of the lil tex. I did drop some hints to my wife that my birthday was in a couple of weeks...
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    I have a couple smoke daddys. They work great. And the container is outside the cooker so you reload without having to open the door. Its like a flux capacitor.... just throw whatever pellets, chunks, chips, lump, whatever you have laying around, and it will smoke.
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