australian pine vs oak?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by smokinwelder, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. well i had to go on craigslist for seasoned wood. I live in south fl. I found a guy who has australian pine and oak thats seasoned and split. Hes selling 25 16" splits for $20, or 100 for $70. I read that australian pine is not a pine at all, but dont see too much where people use them for cooking. I have a cook on fathers day, and will be buying probably 25 splits, but im not sure if i should get australian pine, or stick woth the oak? Thanks.
  2. geerock

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    Oak has been a mainstay of bbq forever. I'd go with what I know works. I don't know about australian pine. Not for nothing, but is it hard to find splits in Fla?
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  4. yeah, i dont know where to find any splits besides this guy. not too many fire places in south fl, equals not so many split piles. any ideas?

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