Auber PID in a SI #3.

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by johnnytex, Sep 24, 2013.

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    Well, I took a dive into the real deep end and ordered a Auber 153 for my Smokin-It #3.

    It was on sale but still $200. Ouch.

    I have seen where several people did this and got great results.

    I am trying to decide where to put the temperature probe.

    They suggest "we think the sensor should be placed just slight below the very top cooking rack".

    On a SI3, that would be 1 3/4" from the top. That seems to high to me.

    Could someone who has done this offer any help or advice on position?

    Thanks for you help.

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    Ironhorse07 (doug) just rigged up his SI with an Auber PID. I'd PM him and ask your question as to how he did his. I, as well, looked at the Auber and got sticker shock with the $200 price More than likely I will order one as I talk myself into really, really needing it so I'll be interested in the answer as well.....Willie

    Sep 19, 2013 at 12:31 pm

    I went with the WSD-1503CPH which is the 1800 watt unit. A guy could also use the WSD-1203CHP which is a 1500 watt unit, but I did not want to be that close to the max so I went with the bigger one. I really wanted the cook and hold feature for hands off overnight cooks and that has really spoiled me. Take a load of butts or brisket up to temp then hold at 160 for a few hours, pull them out and they are ready to go. I give Steve that, this smoker holds in the moisture. I also wanted the ramp feature for when I do sausage. I am really happy with the controller however I use mine almost daily and I run through a few probes. If I could find one that took thermocouple probes and did the same thing I am there. Anyway, just made a jumper to go around the controller on the smoker (took about 5 min) just spade connectors and a chunk of wire. The one spade connector is not insulated so I put a piece of heat shrink on it, totally reversable. I had thought of one day putting a DPDT switch in there so I could switch between the analog or PID but have not felt the need yet.
  3. The only time I really use the top rack position is when I load up with ribs. Even then I clip the probe on the second rack, that is about the level I like, toward the back, haven't noticed much difference side to side. I have a cabinet mount probe that I will put in someday when I figure out where I want it. I think the stock SI probe is actually in a good location. Any more questions, just ask.

  4. How are you guys wiring the Auber into the smoking-it ?

  5. johnnytex

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    I took out the existing controller and just wired the two spade lugs together.

    Then depending on which unit you got, drop the probes thru the hole in the top, clip the temp 01 probe to a rack or drill a hole and mount the probe in the back wall. Stick the temp 02 probe in the meat.

    Plug the Auber in the wall . Plug the #3 into the Auber.

    It is very easy and works great.

    I did a Lamb roast, sausages and chicken yesterday.

    225 degrees plus or minus 2 degrees all day.

    I have noticed that since the element is not on full blast during the smoke, the wood does not smoke to well. Only for the first hour.

    I am trying a AMPS  next time.

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