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  1.    I recently hooked the Auber 1500 up to my new refrig. build.   I'm using a 240/volt- 2700 watt broiler element as my heat source. The Auber controls a 120 volt contactor  which tries to regulate the 240 volts. So far this is working out poorly. The pid seems to leak voltage so the contactor will not drop out and temp will soar. I then decided to put a small load before contactor,I used a small light. This did seem to eat up  the small amount of excess voltage and contactor will now open and close. The problem I have now is the contactor opens and closes every one or two seconds. It is very annoying and I'm sure the life spand of contactor will be short. I don't know how to adjust parameters to make this better. I did talk to tech. at Auber and I couldn't understand his  accent.

       The reason for the larger element is the smoker is quite large. Any help will surely be appreciated. I will post pictures soon of this last build.
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    The PID doesnt ever shut off completely thats how it regulates the temp plus or minus so closely
  3. doctord1955

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    How big is the smoker?
  4. I converted a gas convection oven to an electric smoker. Wanted to stay with 110v, this way could use it in several areas I have. I used an Auber WS duel controller. It only handles up to 2800 watts, so I had to add a second burner, I run the main element through the Auber, but the second one I manually turn on and off. I use it to hurry up the warm up and after that the one handles it well. Just what I had to do. Ben
  5. My smoker is 30 X 40x 60.   The controller does a very good job of holding a constant temp. but the contactor seems to be taking a beating.  By all means I'm not trying to give the Auber controller a bad rapp, just be aware in my situation it not a plug and play.  I do have access to a 240/volt-1500 watt element that I might try next. I would then try to eliminate the contactor.  I wanted a smoker that I could still smoke ribs during nothwest Illinois winters.

       The manual says it would handle 12 amp 120, but Aubers tech says it won't 12amps at 220/240.

         My smoker is aprox. 40 cub. ft.

      I would like to just dial in different parameters in the pid but not really sure how.   Thanks
  6. After ordering I did see a Auber pid that would handle 15 amps,too late now! lol  Thanks
  7. I seen in the manual that the pid can produce 50%,75%, 100 percent but with the contactor its all or nothing.  Thanks
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    What kind of contactor or relay r u using? I have a 110 PID controllling my SSR which has a heat sink attached to it that controls my 220 element that is a 1800 stove top element that is in a smoker made out of a old upright freezer that is 39 x 40 x 72 and will get up to 340 easily on a cold nebraska night or as low as 50 degrees to cold smoke cheese!
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    my PID is a model SYL-2352. Matter of fact I just Made one for my oldest boy!
  10.    The contactor is a 120 volts.  I switched the broiler element today for a 240/1500 watt broiler element and eliminated the  120 volt contactor. I believe the pid is pulling just over 6 amps at 240.  It eliminated the noise of contactor and ran spot on temp.   I finally got it to 250 but took close to an hour,not sure if it could reach 225 during winter months. I guess I could boost it with 1000 watt/ 110 element during winter temps if needed. The 1500/240 element should easily do most smoking temps during winter months.
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    Very Interesting.  Wonder why it takes so long to get up to heat?  i can preheat mine in about 15 minutes!
  12.    I'm not sure either considering that yours is 65 cubic feet.(thats a big boy)       I elected not to take the original foam out of   I firred inside with 2x2s added fiberglass r 13. I now have 2 inches of insulation over the original insulation.

            The original broiler element would take it to 225 easily,but then it was almost doubled in wattage. The present element will take preheat easily to smoking temps just struggles a little doing pork.

      Might just leave it alone and use Ben's ideal during winter months if needed.     I will try and post picture soon of build.
  13. Hey doc    Can you explain the SSR and the heat sink?  Thanks
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    If i figured out what you have!  Its a plug n play controller so the ssr and heat sink are already in ur unit!   Basically ur r using low volt from your PID to control your SSR to turn your high voltage on and off.  Solid State Relay they run hot so there is a heat sink bolted and glued to it to dissapate the heat!
  15. Thanks   Got it!
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    I just purchased this dual probe PID from Auber as well and have a similar build.  Am wondering what folks are programming to do summer sausage?  Have searched the forums and other sites on web but coming up empty...Thanks
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    Set it to what ever parameters you want. I recommend 90-120f for the 1st hour to dry, then add smoke and ramp temp to 155f until internal temp of 150 is reached. then remove from smoker and ice bath to bring the sausage to room temp fast. let bloom out in the open at room temp for and hour or two.

     It will take a few hours to hit the 150f int temp so you can smoke as much as you want during that time. If you want it smokier then after the internal temp is reached, ice bath to drop temp, dry and place back in you smoker and cold smoke to desired smokiness.

    The Auberins ;dual probe plug and play is the best way to go for smoker controls. hands down. period.
  18. A post from Bradley site on Auber PID progamming that I used to set mine up and still refer to, you can always adjust these parameters!

    Hope this might be of some help, it sure was for me.

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