Attn Globe Slicer owners, help!

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  1. Hello all. I recently picked up a Globe model #75 off of craigslist. I am in the process of restoring it now but am stuck and need some help. I do not how to remove the spindle in the middle where the blade housing sits (see pic #2). Does anyone with a model 75 or similar model know? I have so far gathered that it was made in 1946. It has a serial of 60033 making it what I would assume is the 33rd one produced that year. The blade also had a 5/46 inscribed on it further verifying my thoughts it was a 46. 1946 was the first year for the #75 and it was produced until 1952 from what information I could find on the net. If anyone can answer my original question I would appreciate it!!

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  4. Thanks, you are actually the second person to recommend Kenny.
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    Hi Iron City,

    I believe I just picked up the same model from a CL find. I want to take it apart and refurbish it. Did you have any luck with finding out more information on the Globe 75?

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