Attempt at Texas Style Brisket w/ VIDEO

Discussion in 'Beef' started by colorado shawn, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. 13 hours on the WSM with Hickory and mix of lump and brick charcoal.  Used the water bowl for the first time actually filled up with water... kept it full for entire smoke.  Rubbed, injected, smoked for 8 hours at 225.  Foiled, injected, and kicked up heat to 245.  Pulled off and let sit covered for 2 hours.  Reserved drippings and used that for my injection, mop, and dipping sauce.  Slightly overcooked but damn good.  I'm still learning to cook brisket but getting much better I think.

  2. looks real good could almost taste it from here [​IMG]
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    The brisket looks perfect!

    Nice job with the video!
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    If I smoked with my shirt off the neighbors might think a giant hog was trying to rescue it's friends
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