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  1. Hello everyone

    I am a newbie who visits the site quite often but have never posted. I apologize if my question is a repetitive one. I recently purchased a WSM 18.5 and have used it several times and am addicted to bbq now. I am now looking to get an automatic temperature control. I am deciding between a bbqiq 110, partyq, and an auber for WSM. Can a few of you experts share your opinion on which device to go with. I have read many good reviews on the iq110 but when searching on this site have come across many customer service issues which has cause some concern. Thanks in advance for anyone who responds.

  2. noboundaries

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    I don't have any of the devices you mentioned, but I do have the BBQ Guru DigiQ DX2. Love it. It is like setting the oven on my 22.5 WSM. Saves charcoal too.

    I sleep like a baby on overnighters and don't give a second thought to running errands, going to a movie, etc. My wife loves it because she says it gave her our weekends back.
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    I can attest to this too....My BBQ Guru NanoQ (which is no longer made) makes running my 22.5 WSM as simple as it gets.....Start the smoker.....forget about it for 7-15 hours (depending on what I'm smoking) and come back to perfectly cooked BBQ....

    I'd be willing to bet that one of the less expensive temp controllers will work just fine too....Customer service issues shouldn't dissuade you from trying what is purportedly a pretty decent device in my opinion....But I can tell you this. The BBQ guru equipment is top notch!
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    I have anIQ120 on my chargriller trio and use it on my mini wsm it works great. But!!!
    You gotta start with a small fire.. Let the unit bring it up to temp.. If you start with a full chimney of lit charcoal it's going to have a hard time bringing the temp down
  5. Thank you everyone for the responses. I have a buddy who just bought the iq120. I think I am going to check it out on one of his smokes and make a decision. I keep going back and forth if I need one or not. I smoked a 6.5 lb butt and a 7 lb brisket today and my WSM kept the temps in between 240 and 270 for 9 hours. I'm still afraid to leave the house during the cook though!! Hoping the ATC will ease my mind about not being home doing the cool. Thanks again.

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    I'll throw in another big thumbs up for the BBQ Guru Digi-Q 2,  I've had one for about 7 or 8 years and would not even think of running a WSM without one.  It is totally set and forget.  As long as you have fuel, you will be smoking at the set temp.  My WSM is also the 18.5" model (the old style from 2005).

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    I have 0 temp control on my WSM and find that it is practically set and forget out of the box. If I tweak the vents 3 or 4 times in an 8 hour smoke to keep it between 225 and 250, I'd say that's a lot. I have looked at the iq 110's though but don't see a need for it yet.

    I did however learn my lesson with the water pan today, leave the water out of it. Almost wrecked a chuck roast and some chicken breasts because of it.

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