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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by knifebld, Jul 14, 2014.

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    Hey all,

    Decided this weekend was a good time to try out one of Jeff's May newsletter items; Asparagus Stuffed Smoked Chicken Breasts!

    Local asparagus is done now, but still had some left from my fatty smoke last week...good time to use it up. :)

    Got some great chicken breasts from Costco, pounded them flat, and added some of Jeff's rub;

    I pretty much followed Jeff's recipe line for line, except that I half cooked the bacon in the oven so it would be a little crispier and I added some Swiss cheese;

    I kept them in the fridge over night, and then tossed them on my WSM at 225F with some Hickory and Maple;

    My Buddy Finnigan keeping watch...hoping this will buy him a few leftovers....poor guy....we never ever have leftovers at our house!

    Finally, after about 90 minutes or so, temps on chicken hit 165F and voila!

    Turned out very tasty, the ingredients; bacon, chicken, asparagus, and Swiss were perfect together. However I am always a little disappointed when smoking chicken breast...chicken always seems better when smoking a full bird...

    Anyhow, love trying out new things and this was a great meal. Cheers!

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