Asked to help school fundraiser- 480# linked sausage.

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by teamteke, May 20, 2014.

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    I hope this works out.  I have been asked to help prepare 480# of fresh linked sausage for a school fundraiser.  The students are part of the schools culinary program and they will have a booth at the Frisco, Colorado BBQ Challenge on June 13,14 &15.  We will have four grinders and four sausage stuffers and an inexperienced crew of one teacher and four students.  I will also have my faithful wife, daughter and son-in-law.  The teacher is allowing two days for this.

    So what do you think?  Is this doable in two days?
  2. Is it all going to be the same sausage or do you have to make different types? Do you have a meat mixer? Are you & your family allowed to help or will it just be the 4 students working? What size stuffers?

    Just trying to get a better idea of what has to happen before I can offer any opinions...
  3. Yes, two days for 480 Lbs of meat, especially if it arrives as all roasts that need to be cut up, ran through the grinder, weighing so the spices can be added (although I prefer to add the spices before I grind it up) and then sent through the stuffers, all the time changing to new casings, depending how much time you will be at it for day and the drive and skill level of all involved in all aspects of sausage making, me being a non betting betting man, I would give you a slim chance of completing this.  If I did bet, i would bet, no, it cannot be done.
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    Just doing the math:

    480 lbs in two days, equals 240 lbs each day. Four grinders and four stuffers with nine people working the event; you'd have each piece of equiptment doing sixty lbs of meat each and one person getting whatever was needed. You'd have each station (one grinder and one stuffer) having to put out 7.5 lbs of sausage per hour (assuming a eight hour day). That would mean putting out one lb of sausage every eight minutes per station. This also assumes you'd sell them raw. If you have to blanch them or smoke them That would be a lot more work.

    You might want to try a smaller scale trial run and see how long it takes to make seven and a half lbs of sausage with two people doing the grinding, mixing and stuffing.
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    TT, morning...... Do you have adequate room for cooling etc.... Do grinders need to be washed, sanitized every hour or to... Stuffers cleaned also.... pre tubed casings....
    Sanitizing and refrigeration a really big deal.... At home, I limit myself to 10# of sausage a day.. 5# batches so I can keep the meat cold.... the links cold....
    Cut up the meat and refer..... add spices and mix and refer...... grind and refer..... stuff and refer.... I may be considered "anal" about food safety but...... my granddaughters eat this stuff.....
    I start by weighing out 5# batches of meat then I know how much seasonings I need for each batch.... no guessing what's going on.... casings are prewashed the day before..... seasonings pre weighed.... all that so when the meat is not in the refer, there is no wasting to time.... time can be your enemy while handling the meat.....

    "ANAL" about food safety.... Dave
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  6. Then throw in cutting the meat, weighing the meat, doling out the spices, mixing them in and such.  It would help to know the ages of the students.
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  7. Yes Dave, that is my name also, food safety needs to be considered also.  480 Lbs, big freezer needed for that much meat, like a walk in.
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    I have a couple sausage making days when my family get together. We can make 200 lbs+ in a day with 4-5 people. 2 grinders 2 stuffers and 2 mixers. We normally use 1 grinder unless we are making something with 2 types of meat. Once the grinding gets started and there is enough for a batch it gets mixed. One person keeps grinding one keeps mixing and we keep the 2 stuffers going switching off with each other once in while. Anything not being processed goes in the freezer until it is needed. If you are going to make something small with sheep casings, that is a different story. If you are using hog casings , you can stuff a lot of lbs of meat pretty fast. We have worked at it before so everyone is familiar with what we are doing and can be told what to do and not how to do it.

    It sounds like a real stretch to do that much with people just learning how to make sausage IMHO. Good luck thou if you go through with it!
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  10. teamteke

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    We will be making the sausage the weekend before the event.  So if we do not get it completed we will work a couple of evenings more to get it done. I understand that the school has a commercial kitchen for their culinary program which includes walk- in refrigeration and freezers.  At a later time they will par-boil the sausage to finishing it on a grill for the festival will go smooth.

    I will be bringing two 15# stuffers and I do not know the size of the others. (They are being donated from the local community college that also has a culinary program.)  The meat is being donated also. 

    This will be a learning experience for all.  I'll record the events and take plenty of photos and report back to everyone here.
  11. Well best of luck to you sir  [​IMG]    let us know how it goes. A mixer or 2 would be really handy if you have access to any. If you were a little closer I'd offer to come give a hand... Hope all goes well!  [​IMG]
  12. mickey jay

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    If you're the only one with sausage making experience, I wouldn't count on doing any actual real work yourself for a few hours (if not the entire time)while you get everyone else up to speed, run quality control, and deal with situations that will inevitably come up while running that much meat (blowouts come to mind). There are things in sausage making that come up that noobs wont know what to do with, and you're going to be the guy. In the name of food safety, I wouldn't run a pound of meat till everyone is prepped and trained on their specific jobs. Make sure you have lots and lots of meat lugs and an immense amount of freezer/cooler space. The more I think about it, a supervisory role seems like a must.

    It's a tall order, but good luck, and keep us posted with lots of qview!!
  13. mickey jay

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    Another thing to think about would be pre-tubed casings. Takes forever to untangle enough for a ten pound batch let alone 480. It's going to up the cost but at least you won't be broken before you even get to the work.
  14. One more thing, when is this scheduled to occur?  Just heads up as to when we can expect those pics?
  15. teamteke

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    Hello sausage foodies-

    Well in the last two days we did process the meat and successfully stuffed all the sausage.  I thought there was no way we would get done, but it happened  This was done in the school's huge commercial kitchen that they teach culinary classes in.  We had five large reach in refrigerators and access to the schools walk-ins also.  We worked with anywhere from 6 to 9 workers.  A couple of other teachers worked with us and my wife and daughter also.

    I'll prepare a full report on this with pictures ASAP starting a new thread.  The Frisco Colorado BBQ Challenge is next Friday & Saturday weekend June 13 & 14.

    Here is the link:
  16. daveomak

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    Congrats on getting that part done..... now for the easy stuff..... cooking and collecting money.....
  17. boykjo

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    Great............looking forward to seeing some pics......................[​IMG]

  18. So, how many hours per day did this take?

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