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  1. 3montes

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    Bought a ash vac off of Amazon. Used it for the first time today. I love it! Vacumed  out all of my fire boxes. 3 of them and the vac still had room for more ash. Vacumed out the Santa Maria, the vertical smoker and my horizontal smoker so there was quite a bit of ash. Much better than using a ash shovel and a bucket. You can even pick up hot ash with it as the hose is steel lined. Even comes with a few accessories. What's nice is it gets all the ash out of the corners and sides so nothing is left to absorb moisture. Highly recommend one if you are a stick burner!

    Here's the link if anyone is interested.

  2. daveomak

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    Nice unit...   I use one for my pellet stove....
  3. schlotz

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    This is the one I use as well [​IMG]
  4. smokeymose

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    Looks great and it's bookmarked now!

    I'll me doing it manually, though, at least 'til the Mrs gets over the new slicer purchase....[​IMG]
  5. mcloven1t

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    Might have to buy me one of those --- I typically use my wet/dry vac, but I have to keep the filter on because for some reason if its off, it'll blow the ash straight through the lid and all over the place.

    Than I'm stuck outside beating the crap out of the filter to unclog it as much as I can lol

    Rather just have 1 appliance that's made for exactly what I need it for :p
  6. Time to call FTD and order a "suck me up" bouquet of her favorite flowers. [​IMG]

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