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    I agree with most... black looks best but I like your idea of having the black aprons for the cooks and another color as the main. Unless you were here around KU country, and then blue and red would fit right in! RCJH
  2. Well the shirts have been ordered.  We are going with the red and grey shirts with white letters for now.  We will also have black aprons.  I almost got black with white letters but all I could think about was the summer heat next to a hot grill.  I am going with black cards with either red or white letters and our sign will be black with red letters to match the smoker!  Thanks for the input and keep it coming.  I am always open to ideas that might make things better or more efficient.
  3. Getting ready for our second Friday Fest.  We are doing ribs along with the pulled pork this time.  I also have my first private paying job Thursday.  It will be about 30 people.  It is for the lab my father-in-law works at in the hospital.  Should really help business because all of the departments do things like this throughout the year and the hospital has a large function every year itself.

    Not much progress has been made on the smoker this month.  Lex's father has been in and out of the hospital with congestive heart failure.  He seems to be doing a little better now so we will do a few minor tweaks this weekend and tackle the hot grill and paint next month.
  4. let me know if I can help with the blast and paint.
  5. RIbwizzard, I would really appreciate that, but where did you find a hose that long?!?!?!  Seriously though, I think we have it covered, but if we hit a snag with the blaster, I will give you a shout.  I really want this thing to look nice when it is finished, but I'm having a hard time finding paint that looks good and can handle the heat of the FB.  I want it to have a nice glossy finish, but all of the high temp paints I have found are flat.  Any ideas in that knowledge bank of yours?  We are going to test it with a laser therm this weekend, but based on the color of the metal (a purple-ish), with think the outside is only hitting about 800*.

    BTW, the business cards came in today and they look great.  We went with a glossy black card with red foil letters.  They were a little pricey, but well worth it.  I'll try to get a pic of one and post it!
  6. Jabbo, I do have some connections in this state, so let me know about the blasting, Tallahassee would probably be the closest to you.  Rustoleum does make a semi-gloss thats good to 1000*, I know thats  seems rated low, but have not had it burn off any of the cookers yet, as long as its applied right.  I would stay away from high gloss, it tens to show every little grind mark and imperfection and make them stand out. Thats why you usually see these painted flat or satin. Also, touch up is easier with less gloss. You could always go with high gloss on everything but the firebox and cooking chamber, that makes a nice contrast to, and you dont have to worry about high heat for the other parts. ...Just a though , but maybe Red for everything else and flat black on the cooker would make a nice rig.
  7. Sometimes it's like you're in my head, man!  The plan has always been to paint the rig black and all of the trim work red.  I just want it to look as nice as possible.  I have looked at a lot of different paints, including the Rustoleum, and the header paint from Dupli Color seems to look the best to me so far.  It is suppose to work up to 2000*.  The only problem with it is the limited colors locally.  It also seems to be only flat.  Their brake caliber paint does fixes these two issues but is only good up to 800.  I think I will just have to sit back and wait until we find out exactly how hot the FB is getting and then the decision will be a lot easier.  You do have me curious about your connections now.  Tallahassee is about an hour away, but I'm wondering what strings you can tug over there to get something like this done.  If it's illegal, I don't want to know.  I don't care and it wouldn't stop me from using it.  Just don't tell me!!  As a wise man once said, "Never witness nothing and you live longer!"
  8. I am thinking of similar colors for mine. I don't want flat black for the smoker though. I found this paint It says it is good to 1500. It is a little pricey compared to the rustoleum, I am not sure about the Dupli Color prices. I am probably going to use the charcoal gray metallic for the smoker. I have talked to a few guys that have used products from this company with great sucess on their cars. I know this will not hide anything like the flat will. The grinder grooves can be worked out with a sanding disc and smoothed out. The only thing I have not figured out how to fix yet are the small pits I have to deal with on the bottom of my cook chamber. I just thought I would share another option for paint.
  9. Nothing illegal, just years of doing honest business in Florida and  treating people right , ends up gets you a lot of contacts and some  marks in your favor book.
  10. I was just yanking your chain, Rib.  Like I said before, I think we have it taken care of but if we hit a snag, I might take you up on that offer.
  11. Are you East or West of Tallahasee?
  12. I'm east about 30 miles north of Panama City.  You planning a visit?
  13. No, no time soon, just seeing if I had someone closer to you than an hr drive.
  14. That is no problem because if it comes down to me needing it, I wouldn't mind the drive.
  15. We are getting a new sign and this is the one I like the most.  It will be going strapped to the end of the trailer and also used in front of our booth during events.  What do you guys think?

    The "Country BBQ"  stands out more than the picture shows.  We are also going to incorporate a space to add pictures of our different BBQ items.
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    Great looking sign....   [​IMG]  ....
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    That sign looks good nice simple and gets the point across!
  18. I agree. Great looking sign.
  19. Sign really POPS!
  20. Well we got the sign but I haven't mounted it yet.  I will be doing that sometime this week.  Thanks for the kind words about it.  I wish I could take credit for it, but is the brain child of a very talented guy.  he does vinyl graphics and does some really amazing stuff.  I gave him the logo and asked him to if he could come up with something.  One and a half days later he sent me the picture of it.  he wants to add pictures of our food to it later, but as you guys are aware, I am not the greatest at snapping photos.  I will have to get my wife to do it at one of our events.  

    I have been busy the last few days with 2 different events.  The VFW fundraiser went fairly well.  We raised about $600 and I got my name out in a new market.  People really seemed to like the chicken, but I don't think I will be doing it very often.  I think pulled pork would have sold better and is a lot easier to do.  The other event was a birthday party and people seemed pleased.  I didn't stick around to see reactions to the taste, but the reactions to the smell and looks were the same as I typically get and everyone seemed excited about it.  I will follow up with them in a few days to see how it went over.  Right now I am going to bed to get some much deserved sleep!!

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