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  1. Im glad your temps climbed that fast, I was a little worried when I read your first post and didnt catch the part about the water.  If you can go from cold to 360 that fast, you should be fine,      what is it ? about 70* out today up there?
  2. Dave, I do not disagree with the fact that they are not needed.  I actually plan on testing my rig with both.  I have always used, at the very least, a small pan of of water about 2-3 inches below the meat.  I have never had a problem with bitterness, although, I am curious about the acid rain theory.  I do know that moisture aids in smoke penetration, as I have seen the tests done.  It is not great, mind you only an 1/8" or so more than without, but it is true.  The moisture in the meat is, at this point, still a theory based on experiences.  I believe, as with everything else, it is a balancing act.  Too much water and you will have temp issues.  Too little water evaporates too quickly and is useless.  I completely respect your opinions, Dave, as you know, and always welcome your input.  But I also believe in science and experimentation.  Usually the old ways prevail, but sometimes, you discover a better way.  That is the thinking that lead to all of the greatest inventions.  Besides, if your theories are proven wrong, you have still learned something.  It is a win win for all of us.

    By the way, my smaller opening theory is absolutely correct.  I am having no problems with heat, without water.  In fact, I am actually having trouble bringing the temp down enough.  I think I will start over later when it has cooled down and open the vents a little at the time, recording the temp as I do.  This thing has been a blast to build and even more fun to experiment with.
  3. It was about 57 and a little windy when I started.  An hour later it was about 63 and still windy.  The winds have averaged about 4-5 mph all day, but my vents are shielded for the most part.  The temps were pretty stable until a big gust came through, but even then, they only fluctuated about 7 degrees or so.  I am happy with it's performance so far.  All of this is with the CC door still a little warped and not sealed properly.  There was smoke and heat escaping through one corner.  A simple fix but still a small factor.
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  4. On the water thing.... I always do ribs and butts no water, but do wrap them at one point.......Turkey's no water either......but I will add water when I have a couple cases of chicken quarters or a bunch of untrimmed briskets,  I run the water until I get a lot of the fat rendered off, then drain it out and turn up the heat to about 300* for brisket or 325* for chicken.  I guess I am really using the water to catch the fat and keep it from cooking off inside the smoker ( cant stand that taste)  and as a way to get rid of it during the cooking process. Pork fat just seems to do better inside the smoker and doesnt produce that same burnt taste.

    Now, when doing a Goose, I'll add a little apple cider vinegar to that water. And have a bed of sauerkraut ready to set it in.

    But we all have our different tastes and different recipe's and that a good thing , right?
  5. Couldn't agree more.  I normally do not add much water and it does come in handy for catching fat drippings.  I cook everything at 225 except whole poultry.  I cook them at 325.  It gives them a nice crispy skin even with the water.  I think it depends on how far from the water you put the meat.  I always leave a few inches of air space so it has time to really evaporate.  Even my barks are always firm.  

    I have restarted the smoker with only an 1/8 of the vent open.  So far it is holding around 230.  Now to see how long it will maintain it.
  6. Do you still cook at 225 in the summer when the humidity is high?   At that time of year, 275 works a little better for me, just to keep the smoke cleaner.  That why I like the cold months, can really go down in temp and still keep a hot fire.
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    I am right there with you and its definitely a great idea to start with the smaller opening so all you have to do is cut it open sounds like it came right up when you didn't have all that water in there. Can't wait to see it done and some q view.
  8. Last night at about 6, I fired her up again to see how long she will hold her temp.  I only opened the vents to about 1/8 of the total volume and she about 270.  She held that temp for about 4 hours on a cool windy evening.  Considering that the charcoal basket was only about 1/3 full when I started, I think that is pretty decent.  I believe if I add the right amount of hot water, then it should be close to perfect and with a full basket, I should have plenty of time to cook a pork butt.  I have a second basket just in case.  I plan on testing this out this weekend, but first, there are a few loose ends that need to be buttoned up.  Got to finish the racks, clean it out and season her up a bit.  Then it sandblasting and paint.
  9. Down where you are, I believe, the humidity is a touch higher than here.  It usually stays around 50-60% here.  I have never even considered the correlation between the humidity and temperature.  Probably never needed to because I have always used water.  It is always a little more humid in my cooker.  Regardless, I always try to stay as close to 225 as I can, however, I never go above 250.  I have always felt that the ideal range is between 225 and 250 with 225 being best.
  10. Glad to see it all coming together. I think it is fun to run it a few times and try different things. All part of learning your rig.

    How much charcoal does your basket hold? I may build one for mine, but right now just planning on using wood.
  11. Rasimmo, I put 2 16lb bags in it and they filled it about 1/3 full.  I think the measurements are 20x24x12.  It's pretty big.  In fact, I started trying to figure out a way to make it a slide out so I don't have to lift it when it is full.
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    That sounds like a pretty good sized basket I definitely wouldn't want to be lifting that up much either fully loaded. I am thinking a slide is in order with an anti tip plate welded in there kinda like you would a rack.
  13. Smoking a butt tonight.  Will have some Q-view tomorrow......I hope!!
  14. Well, no q view today.  Not because anything went wrong, but because the butt was pulled and eaten before I could get the camera.  I also smoked a ham that got rave reviews.  Even a the ones who normally don't like ham were loving it and couldn't get enough.  I will be smoking another but either tomorrow or Monday.  I'll try to post pics of that one.
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    Jabbo........  Who is the boss in your family......  What do you mean they ate it all before you got  Q-Views.....  [​IMG]  ....    
  16. Jabbo,

    You know what they say.....If there aint any pics... it didn't happen.  
  17. Dave, I will have you know that I am the boss....when she's not around!!  It is sad, but I still have another butt my wife wants to take to work tomorrow.

    Weedeater, this is all that is left from a 8lb butt and a 10lb ham.......

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    Hey I too rule the house..........when she is not there..........

    The bones look good to make some soup with.......
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    I rule the house too when she's not here..... Then it catch Holy Hadees when she gets home....  LOL
  20. Well Our first event came and went.  We took our humble little rig down to Friday Fest with (8) 8lb butts and some of our bbq baked beans.  We came back with 2 butts, no beans and a few dollars richer than before.  We got lots of compliments on the smoker (even though it isn't finished) and tons more on our food.  Pics are coming.  I didn't have my camera so they were shot by someone else.  They are supposed to be emailing them to me and I will post them as soon as I get them.  IT was a little overwhelming at first. especially waiting on the inspection, but after we settled down and got into a grove we had a blast.  I can't get over how much people liked our food and am expecting a lot more business in the future.  

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