Are wire milk crates ok to use for a UDS charcoal basket?....

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  1. I've been trying to get quotes from local metalworkers about having a basket made from expanded metal, and their quotes are ridiculous....(The last quote I got was $145).....So I was thinking of other options and thought of a milk crate......So my question is... Are wire milk crates ok to use for a UDS charcoal basket?....Pros? Cons? Etc...

    Any input is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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    From what I remember,  I think most wire milk crates were galvanized. I would think a couple good hot fires in the barrel would burn the zinc off  before cooking with it though.
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    Look for a local metal recycle yard.  You can find expanded metal  Normally they will sell for little more than scrap price.  I made my own basket with no welding for my UDS.
  4. Well, everything is good to go! I made my charcoal basket out of expanded metal I found in Lowes (2 sheets of 1' x 2' bolted together), and a 13" dia. grill for the bottom.
    I seasoned the UDS for about 3 hours and calibrated my thermometer. My only criticism is that there are little leaks at the lid. Other than that, it works fine. Nothing a few toggle latches can't fix! Also, I was very impressed with the way it self-extinguishes......just cap off the openings and close the valves and it's OUT relatively quick.

    Now I think it's time to start smokin'!!!! I decided my 1st UDS smoke will be a fattie......and this weekend will be smokin' a few racks of ribs! I will be sure to post pics!

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