Are there any tips for a pork loin?

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  1. Little disappointed in my local Sams this afternoon.  I was hoping to do brisket for the first time and they were out, looked at the boston butts and they had a poor selection.  So the other alternative was to go to my local grocery store.  However, the local grocery store had no butts and they had one crappy brisket..  So we went with Pork Loin Boneless and I wanted to do something new so I bought some Spare Ribs already marinated.  All this food is for a party on Monday with 30 people so I want to do it right and I am a little worried since Ive never user pork loin boneless I was wondering is there any thing different other than the size and weight?  Typical butts I get are 8lbs each in a cryo-pack and these are around 5lbs each so Im still planning on estimating 2 hours per lb. but when I rub the meat I do not plan on doing the fat cap because the ratio of meat to rub would be greater so I was curious if this assumption is correct or should I just return the loins and go to a different Sams and get some butts?  In regards to the ribs I'm going to do a solid 5 hour roll with maybe a spritz an hour but havent decided.  
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    Four words on the loin

    BRINE: 12 to 24 hours, there are plenty of brines listed here, I like a sweet brine but whatever you prefer, but brine!

    Low & Slow: That says it all.

    Brine, low, and, slow, yep thats 4 words.
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    Loins cook a bunch faster than butts/shoulders. To get to an IT of 145 you are probably looking at no more than 2-2 1/2 hours. Don't go past 145. Pull off the smoker wrap in foil and let rest 30-45 min. Slice and serve. When you hit an IT of 120 apply a glaze if you like. I usually do a peach or apricot chipotle. A little heat with some sweet!
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    Not to over complicate, but there is nothing like a stuffed pork loin.  When smoking a loin, that is what I usually do, unless it's been in my brine bucket for the previous 14 days, but that's a different topic all together.

    Do a search on here or youtube on how to butterfly a loin, it's actually pretty easy to do.  Make up some garlic pesto, spread it all over the inside of the loin, then roll it back up and tie it.  The possibilities of fillings are endless, stuffing and apples, apple pie filling, cheese and sauce, mushrooms and butter...  The garlic pesto is my personal favorite.  Then cook it just like dirtsailor said.

    In regards to your question, if I'm understanding it correctly, loins and butts are two totally different roasts and should not be cooked the same way as in taking it to 200 plus in hopes of pulling it.  There is not enough fat in the loins to keep it moist like the butt roasts.  If that's not what you meant, then sorry, it's late and my wits are slowing down.
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    The guys have you covered with diffeent options for the loin.

    The key part is they are not cooked like a butt, they are to be served sliced. So you only cook to an IT temp of 145 and allow to rest before slicing. You can slightly cheat to temp if you and the rest are ok with pork cooked with a little pink in the middle, but that is your call, HACCP calls for 145.

    Tons of methods for ribs on this site.

    If you are going to cook the meats ahead and get done early so you can spend time with guests or travel to somewhere with it cooked. Remember they will continue to cook as you hot hold them, so you almosy want to under cook the ribs and cook the pork loin just under the desired temp. This way you will have what you desire when time to eat.

    Example: I cooked 2 butts to 175 IT, double wrapped them in foil and placed in a large cooler (no towels and plenty of extra space. Held them for 3 hours before unwrapping. When I did they we almost to far cooked for me to get what was needed to turn in for a competition box.

    For ribs we have to cook over 50 racks for a family gathering on a smoker that can only do 15 at a time. So we do 2 hrs on the smoker, double wrap with foil and into a large cooler. When it is time to eat about 3-4 hrs later they are spot on. The first batch is always used for those that want theirs over cooked and falling off the bone.

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