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  1. I'd like to thank everyone that voted for my dish in the throwdown, it was my first time doing this so I'm excited to have won! I also had a lot of fun coming up with ideas and getting this all together, not to mention seeing the creativity everyone else had. I hadn't checked the site in the past few days, I just got back to work and I've been super busy. A day after I made this dish (luckily), I pulled a tendon in my foot and was out of work for a whole week. I didn't think I won so I was pretty surprised when I checked earlier.

    So here it is -

    Smoked Red pepper cream sauce

    1 Red Bell pepper            ¼ Tsp Garlic Minced

    1 Tbs Minced shallots      1 Tbs olive oil

    ¼ Cup White wine            ½ Cup Chicken stock

    ¼ Cup Heavy Cream

    -Smoke Red Bell pepper for 1 Hour until roasted. Peel dice, set aside.

    -Saute shallots, garlic, in oil for 2 minutes, Add the pepper

    - Add Wine cook for 3 minutes.

    -Add chicken stock and cream, Bring to boil then bring to a simmer

    reduce by ½. Puree & strain.

    This sauce was fantastic, it was originally just a red pepper sauce but smoking the pepper adds another element of flavor.

    It makes enough for 2 breasts, probably about a cup or so. ( you'll probably want more anyways! )

    Cognac Chili Glaze

    2 Thai Chili minced

    ½ Cup Apricot preserves

    ½ Cup Brown sugar

    4 Tbs Water

    50 Ml (1 nip) Cognac

    Melt apricot preserves, Sugar, and water, add chili.

    Reduce slightly, Add Cognac and reduce until thickened


    Also fantastic, you get sweetness, then the cognac flavor and a nice after burn from the chili. The apricot preserves are great for giving a nice shine with any sort of glaze. I basted the chicken once during cooking then again towards the end, makes enough for 2 chicken breasts.

    The chicken I marinated in some oil and a chili blend, Cut a slit in the thick end with a boning knife. I stuffed it with some thinly sliced bell pepper and a good amount of fontina cheese, you want a good amount in there because some is going to leak out during cooking. I'm still trying to figure out a better way to seal up the hole so the cheese doesn't melt out, I stuck a couple skewers through the end and it seemed to help. I used Jack Daniels oak chips for smoking thought it would be fitting.

    The rice is just a basic pilaf. Coated 1 cup of rice in oil in a pan, added 1 3/4 Cups chicken stock, diced smoked bell pepper, smoked corn, cilantro, salt some cajun seasoning.

    For the guacamole I smoked 2 Jalapenos diced them, used 1 avocado, fresh lime juice and zest from 1 lime, cilantro, salt, and smoked corn.

    The asparagus is nothing special, roasted it and wrapped it in with some smoked bell peppers. I smoked the bell pepper for the rice bowl just enough so it was cooked but could still hold its form. I garnished the plate rim with some lime zest. I'm glad I made 2 breasts with this, I gave the first to my girlfriend and the other one was cold by the time I was done getting it plated and taking pictures.

    I will definitely be using these recipes again they were really delicious, anyone has any questions feel free to ask
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      A job well done Tama !  It did look awesome and sounded tasty! Roasted smoked  peppers are great!

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    Looks like you put alot of work into your dish and a win well deserved...
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    Great job!
  5. Thanks guys!

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