Apricot/apple stuffed pork loin

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  1. get two medium same size pork loins

    lay side by side

    spread dried apricots and apples in center of one loin

    sprinkle with apple wood rub

    place one loin on top of other and tie with string.

    smoke at 225 till internal temp is 160

    let rest for 10 - 15 minutes before slicing

    (I smoke over cherry wood)
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    Sounds good though.
  4. ok, I used a pair of small pork loins for a large gathering. It did work out great with no leftovers

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    160? Man that's a high temp for pork loin. I pull mine at 140-145.

    We stuff pork loin quite often. Either fillet it in half and tie back up or roll cut it and spiral wrap and tie.
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  7. You're correct, 145 is fine and tastes much better

    thanks for the heads up.

    Will post pix next time, promise!!!!!

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