Apple Smoked Pork Chops on the Mini - with QView

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    About 4:00 this afternoon, my better half decided that we would have pork chops for dinner, and I was craving smoke, so I fired up the Mini. I really, really liked the results - first time I did pork chops on the Mini.

    Here's what we started with:

    1 package of 3 bone-in pork chops, between 1/2 and 3/4 in. thick from Wal Mart

    My go-to rub ingredients of Kosher salt and coarse-ground black pepper

    A little chili powder

    Some charcoal

    Some apple chips


    I didn't feel the need to go low-and-slow on pork chops, so I took the diffuser out of my Mini. I filled the charcoal chimney full and lit all the coals at once.

    I wanted apple smoke, but I didn't have chunks, so I used foil and made 1 pouch for the apple chips

    Meat Prep:

    While the coals were heating up, I rubbed the pork chops with a mixture of equal parts salt and pepper mentioned above. I took a pinch of chili powder and sprinkled it on the chops after the salt & pepper - maybe 2 pinches.

    I let the Mini get to around 315-320 and put the chops on.

    I left the chops on the mini for about 50 minutes while the temperature held steady at about 320, turning them once about half way through. At around 50 minutes, I probed the IT and it was between 165 and 170 on all of the chops, and the probe went in very easily. So I took them off to rest.

    In the bottom of the pan I rested them in, I put just enough Worcestershire sauce in the bottom to make a thin film. Then I put the chops in the pan, and drizzled 1 tbsp. of melted butter over the tops of them. Wrapped them tightly in foil, and rested them for 15 minutes. Here's what that looked like...

    I was blown away by how tender, juicy, and delicious these turned out! I'll definitely be doing this again. Good thing my better half had the foresight to bring those chops home. [​IMG]  Served them with mustard greens, salad and French bread.

    Seems I'm always finding new reasons to love my Mini!
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    Nice looking chops
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    sweet chops! Gonna have to try them that way!

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