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  1. So my wife is not a fan of Ribs. Or should I say, wasn't a fan of ribs, before these.

    I use country style pork ribs for smoking whenever I can. The more meat the better.
    If you do your own butchering, or buy ribs, ensure that the membrane is removed from the ribs before you smoke them. This will make it way better to eat.
    Here is a video that shows you to remove the membrane.
    He removes the membrane at about 2:30

    Apple Smoked Honey Rum Pork Ribs
    In a large marinader add wet brine ingredients, then mix in dry ingredients.
    Tip - add hot water and honey first, and dissolve honey before adding anything else.

    Honey Rum Brine
    1 litre Apple Juice 1/2 cup liquid honey
    1 jar rum extract 5 cups boiling water
    1/4 tsp Allspice 1/2 cup brown sugar
    1/4 tsp baking soda 2 table spoons Morten's Tender Quick (Cure)
    5 lbs of pork ribs (2-3 racks)

    Leave pork ribs in mixture about 48 hours before you want to smoke them.
    Put in Smoker at 160 deg F, for 2-3 hours, using Apple wood chips.
    Smoke time obvioulsy depends on your smoker, how hot you want to run it and how done you want your ribs.
    I tend to take out the ribs a little early if I am not going to eat the right away. I will freeze them and then when I thaw them out and finish them on the Barbeque they will not be overcooked.

    Now my wife wants me to make more, but its about -4 deg F today. Maybe I'll wait until next week.
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    Now your ribs look but a little small you need to resize them to about 480x600 I thingk thats the size I use here. Ok back to the ribs You smoked them for 2-3 hours and were they tender cause we use the 3-2-1 method here and they area really tender and sometime too tender but with 2-3 hours the ribs should have alot of pull to get them off the bone and thats too much for me personally. So check out the video jeff has here about smoking ribs.
  3. I don't usually smoke them until they are falling off the bone because I am going to freeze them and then take them out and finish them weeks later.
    If I was going to eat them right away I would smoke them longer.
    I will check out the video also.
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    I don't understand part of your recipe...... "1 jar rum extract." How big a jar is that?
    Can you use real rum instead if so how much?
  5. I was going to ask the same question.
  6. chef jeff tx

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    Typically only comes in a 1oz jar. Pretty expensive stuff, think it was about $6 a bottle last time I checked. You can use really good rum cheaper!! [​IMG]


    I'm making up a batch of this today. Gonna use about 1/2 cup of reduced Mt. Gay dark rum in place of the extract. Will be trying it on a rack of spares, a butt and a couple chickens. Into the brine this afternoon and on the smoke Friday.

    [​IMG]to C-Wild for this great sounding recipe!!

    PS - I'm going to expand on this by making a glaze of apple juice, honey, rum, brown sugar & allspice. I'll try it on 1 chicken and 1/2 the rack.
  7. You can absolutely use real rum as a substitue, but depending on the rum (how strong it is) you will probably want to add about 1/4 cup to get the same flavour as the rum extract.
    Rum extract is pretty potent.
    I also find if I add a couple ounzes of dark rum to some coke and water, it helps me smoke the ribs.
  8. chef jeff tx

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    Yeah it does!! [​IMG]

    Just put a butt & a rack and a couple chickens in this brine(separate of course), will smoke either FRI or SAT.
  9. nice recipe, will try it next month, had to find out replacement for MTQ, so if it works, I will post the replacement for MTQ here

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