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Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by msstatedawg, Aug 10, 2017.

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    I've owned the iGrill and iGrill 2. I don't have any issues with the device, but the probes supplied by the manufacturer (now Weber) are inconsistent. I received 3 new probes recently and each one delivers a different temp with as much as a 15-20 degree gap between them. I reached out to Weber and received replacements. Same thing.

    What other digital thermometers are out there which have an accompanying mobile app for monitoring temps wirelessly using your phone?

    Thanks in advance for the advice.
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  2. Very strange, I owned an igrill2 for a couple years and have never had this happen. I've had one probe go completely bad and give crazy readings but that it. I know it's not any help to your question but I'm shocked that all new probes still do that... have you discussed with Weber getting a new base unit?
  3. msstatedawg

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    Not yet, but that's next.
  4. pesc

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    Considering what Weber has done to the igrill 2 by changing the app, and thereby making the thermometer almost useless. i would think twice about buying an app driven thermometer. Defacto they have reduced the functionallity that we bought to something that most of us do not want.
  5. Weber has stated that they will bring back the needed functions in short time with updates. There has already been one update since they botched the app.
  6. I've looked into this myself, and I will eventually get one, but by app enabled I assume you mean wifi, not just bluetooth.  The two that I found promising were Fireboard and Tappecue 2.0 which is on amazon as a prime item.  They are a bit costly but both have fairly positive customer reviews.
  7. I believe they all use app's. The two you just mentioned use wifi which if setup correctly you could read temps while shopping or golfing... the cheaper versions strickly use Bluetooth to connect to the app and the range is shorted up.
  8. I thought the bluetooth models were a bit simpler than that so I never dug deeper because I wanted the range of wifi. Thanks for clearing that up though, it might be nice to have one on hand for home smokes to extend the life of the expensive wifi sets.
  9. pesc

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    Thanks, tried the app but could not find the update, will try it when i get home :) more to follow
  10. dirtsailor2003

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    I'm leaning towards the Fireboard.

    I have had the iGrill and iGrill 2 since they both came out. Both worked flawlessly until Weber took over. Range now sucks. Probes aren't as accurate, battery life has became a drain. Oh and the new app sucks.
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  11. I think I am to, once I have wifely permission to spend more on toys.  The reviews on the Tappeque just seemed a little too off putting about the difficulty in network set up, and I'm no idiot when it comes to IT.  Gotta make it simple and intuitive if you want  everyone to buy it though.  I'm sure they will do fine in a few more revisions and everything is worked out.
  12. msstatedawg

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    No, I'm not referring to Wi-Fi. I would, however, expect Bluetooth at a minimum.

    I want to be able to monitor my temps from my phone from the comfort of resting my sorry ass on my sofa watching the game. LOL
  13. msstatedawg

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    Thanks for the suggestions. I checked them out.

    The Fireboard looks interesting. Might try that.

    Tappecue seems terribly expensive and they don't do a very good job of marketing their product on Amazon so I'm thinking no on that one. 
  14. ravage811

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    I personally love my Thermoworks Smoke. Right now they do not have the gateway out to add the temps to your phone. But it does come with a a receiver that has excellent range throughout the house and yard. The probes are very durable and accurate as well. I highly recommend this unit..... 
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  15. moloch16

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    Smoke is the way to go IMHO.  Fighting bluetooth, app updates, bad probes that last maybe a year, yada yada will drive you nuts.  Smoke is the best solution on the market IMHO.

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