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Discussion in 'Woods for Smoking' started by bower4311, Jun 27, 2013.

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    I do some smoking here and there, but I also sell firewood on the side. Would there be any market for wood cookies? Say, hickory and cherry. Flat rate USPS boxes aren't too expensive. Is there a price point? I wouldn't mind selling some wood. I cut all kinds of cherry, usually run into some hickory. Of course, Run into all other kinds of wood along the way. What I do personally is cut a 1-2" cookie off of the log. Then I take a small hatchet (hammer and screwdriver should work) and break it up into chunks to smoke. I can easily solve the bar oil contamination problem by running vegetable oil (or canola), of which has been done by many people without many poor side effects. Even green wood only takes little time to season when it's an inch or two thick, leave it out in the sun. It takes way less time being so thin, water escapes mostly out the ends of logs, not the sides. Does anyone currently do this, or would this be of interest to anybody?
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    I would love to be able to find a place to get quality wood from.  Around my parts, I'm buying hickory chunks or using apple wood that we have stored in a shed that has been seasoned.  Cherry has always perked my interest, but in Iowa, they are few and far between!
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    Oh boy, cherry and ash are my biggest firewood sellers. A LOT of cherry has been burned from my sales haha. I'm just wondering what the price will have to be, where it will be to become worthwhile. Where do most people get wood currently if it's not available locally?
  4. I would like to try cherry, apple, hickory, and pecan. I do buy local here and I do craigslist also. I have looked on ebay and was surprised what was available and the shipping was not all that bad. I guess it depends on what you would charge for your wood before I make a an order.
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    Well, since I don't run a stick burner, I buy chunks from the local stores.  Bomgaars (Shopper's Supply), Kmart, Scheels, etc.  Besides that, I have a bunch of apple wood, which I think I had previously mentioned.  My WSM loves chunks!
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    Academy Sports here sells wood sticks in bags too.  AND...actually not that bad of a price.


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