Anyone prefer, Gasp... Grilled ribs?

Discussion in 'Grilling Pork' started by bbqandfootball, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. Ran across a recipe in a cookbook that belongs to my mom the other day for Chili's babyback rib sauce. I tried it a couple months ago when HEB had spares on for 99 cents/lb.

    Anyway, I loved it. Just baste the ribs with it, bake them (I know, I know... it's not Q, but who's to say the only way to do ribs is to smoke them?) for a couple hours at 250, then throw them on the grill, and baste with more sauce.

    I've gotta say, I enjoy these more than smoked. But the sauce is a little sweet for me. I'm gonna tinker with it a little today, maybe a bit more mustard and spices thrown in.

    But then again, I've never smoked ribs then grilled them to get that crispy outside either. Maybe I should have been going that route all along and then this new method wouldn't have been so eye-opening to me.

    The crispy, caramalized bark was just phenomenal though.

    Anyway, I'm doing about 4 slabs of spares today, since HEB has them back on sale. Just thought, I'd see if anyone has tried, or likes the oven/grill method.
  2. plj

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    I smoke mine 3-2-1, but do occasionally throw them on the grill before serving for 5 minutes to crisp up some bbq sauce, depends who the eaters are. My inlaws like it that way, always looking for ways to please them. :)

    Also love them in the DO. Or the oven. Or over a campfire, caveman style. Or... :)
  3. I'm thinking of maybe trying 2 slabs smoked, then sauced with the Chili's sweet sauce, and grilled. But I'm curious if the smoke flavor and sweet flavor will combat or compliment one another. I use mesquite, by the way.

    The other 2 slabs I 'll probably just bake then sauce and grill.
  4. meatball

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    My father-in-law, who doesn't have a smoker, makes my favorite ribs in the world. He cooks them low and slow on his gas grill and bastes them every 15 minutes or so with Chiavetta's Barbeque Marinade - - It's a really vinegary marinade and it softens up the meat real nice and gives it a great flavor. by the time they're done on the grill, they're tender and moist. No smoke involved, but man, I'm getting hungry just thinking about them. I've never tried duplicating them at home because my wife is not a big fan of ribs and when I actually do get a chance to make 'em, I usually smoke 'em for the sole reason that I don't get to smoke ribs too often. Hopefully, he's grilling up a batch for the 4th.
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    You could always indirect grill them rather than bake them. Use some wood chips and that would add some wood chips. That might give you some better flavor.

    It's still not que, but I you don't have the time for a whole smoke...
  6. Before I got my smoker, I had a recipe for ribs braised in a foil packet in the oven, then finished on the grill.

    Not as good as smoked IMHO, but not bad, and those who like "falling off the bone" ribs love them. My wife thinks they're as good as those from the smoker.
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    Lotsa rib joints that smoke their meat finish the ribs over direct fire, particularly if they sauce 'em prior to serving. I do this; I'll smoke a bunch of racks and freeze 'em, and then reheat 'em on the gas grill. Gives you the best of both worlds!
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    Personally, I think that the smoke always compliments the sweet - rather than conflicting with it.

    Also, I agree with what others are don't HAVE to smoke them, but in my opinion they are the best when subjected to some smoke.

    Smoking low and slow for a few hours, then going indirect heat on the gas grill - mopping every 15 min. the last hour - produces very good ribs, with that crust that you say you really like...

    I'm the same way, I like the crusty bark with the tender inside....Yum!

    Of course, you can accomplish this too, on the smoker, doing some sort of 3-2-1- method (smoke / foil / firm). All you have to do, is for that last hour or whatever (some do 30 or 45 min) just crank the heat up a little on the smoker, and you'll get pretty much the same result as finishing on the grill. I'll do St. Louis Cuts like this: 3 - 1.5 - 1

    The "3" and "1.5" are at 230 - 240°, then that last hour is at like 275...turns out well, my friend!
  9. Well, I've got all 4 slabs de-membraned, and rubbed as of about 9:30 am. I think I'm gonna try smoking all of them, but going light on the smoke, especially since it's mesquite.

    I tend to overdo the smoke, not to a bitter point, but just smoking the meat too heavily. Especially ribs. I'm trying to perfect the TBS strategy, which is a must with a thin small cut of meat like ribs. The can get too smokey very quick.

    Anyway, after an hour and a half or so, i'll throw all four slabs in a foil pan, add a little apple juice and cider vinager, cover, and put them in the oven for another 30-45 minutes.

    Then mix up the sauce, baste them and throw them back on the grill over direct heat while mopping several more times for about 5-10 minutes.

    Never tried smoking then grilling, so maybe I'll get the best of both worlds.
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    Depends on the rib. Spare ribs? No way. Too much connective tissue that will be wasted grilled, and will get tough on you. Baby backs however are lean enough and thin enough to stand up to grilling. This is one of the reasons I don't care for babybacks.
  11. I never just grill them. I always either smoke, or bake then grill.

    Either way, the connective tissues are still being broken down properly. I'm just playing with the finished flavor. Be it a grilled/crispy flavor, or smoked flavor.

    I'm going to try to obtain both today.
  12. Just after 1pm. Grill is lit, and the beer is ice cold and delicious. [​IMG]

    Can't believe it's only 88 out right now. Usually 95 or so by now these past couple of weeks. I'm not complaining though.
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    Some of the best ribs i ever had were grill smoked by some folks in south carolina.This was artistry and practice.

    I used to grill/smoke them on a kettle years ago and nobody complained...

    I like to smoke em at 250 till done-these days.
  14. rivet

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    Very interesting thread. Lot's of different ideas out there and all sound excellent! Thanks to all who've posted so far, now I want some tender, bbq sauce-drippin' ribs with my morning coffee!

  15. Any chance on getting your Chili's babyback rib sauce recipe? This sounds like something I could fix to get the little kids next door to try. They loved grilled food but only eat certain smoked foods when I envite the family over for cooking outside.

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