Anyone looking for a great stuffer? Sausage Stuffer For Sale

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by shannon127, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. shannon127

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    First, I want to say this is not my stuffer and I don't know the seller.  Happened to log in to Ebay and saw this 5# TSM stuffer for sale.  This is the older model with black nylon resin gears.  IMHO the resin gears are better than metal, as they are just as strong but operate much smother.  They are vastly superior to the plastic gears that usually break.  This is a top quality US made stuffer for less than the cheap Chinese made models with plastic gears.  I have this exact same model and prefer it (in most cases) to my 24# F. Dick.  Just had to post and hope someone on here will buy it.
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    I have a Sausage Maker stuffer in a 25 lb., would love to get this to replace our 5 lb. LEM (which I have no problems with) just to have a matching set. Will be watching it with probably a hundred other bidders, thanks for the heads up!
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