Anyone know of a pot that will work with the Jumbo Joe?

Discussion in 'Mini-WSM' started by mdboatbum, Apr 7, 2014.

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    Looking online, I can't really tell. If anyone has a Jumbo Joe and wouldn't mind taking a measurement of the inside diameter of the bowl, as well as the inside diameter of the lip of the lid, I think I might be able to find the proper pot. I'm thinking even if the pot is $100, I'd still be way ahead of the price on the 18.5 WSM, and would have direct grilling capabilities. With the warmer weather I'm seriously jonesing to do some smoking, and if I can do a mini (Midi?) based on the Jumbo Joe I think it would be pretty nice to have the extra space. Had thought of the body extension for the 18.5, but I don't think it's an exact fit for the Jumbo.
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    The other day my local Target store had the jumbo on sale for $39.99. Almost bought one but didn't...
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    I'll have to keep an eye out for sales around here. If I can get it for $39 the wife will be a lot more forgiving of the expenditure, especially since it's looking like I'll be in for at least $60-$80 for the pot,
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    I should've grabbed one, but with three minis, a GOSM, the Casa Q and my soon to be built sausage and jerky shack, I figured I'd end up using it more as a pillow than a smoker!
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    I love the Jimmy's a smoking and grilling/ searing machine!   I got that blue sear handle (not the ball valve) but the handle i got attached to the bottom vent dialed in to where it lines up with my ball valve to the left it's all open and stops to the right for all closed.  If you build one you gotta add that feature for sure. This smoker is better than a WSM for a fraction of the price. 
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    Thanks! I'm hoping to get it built before too long. I'll post an update when I do.
  9. I've been researching these two mods quite a bit and I've come to this conclusion. The mini Smokey Joe mod is the better deal. Basically it comes down to fact that the Jumbo Joe mod doesn't scale well in the conversion. Here are the numbers, based on Amazon/Target/Home Depot etc. prices. 

    Smokey Joe     $30
    32 qt stock pot $21
    Extra Grill       $8
    Total              $59
    WSM 14.5       $200
    % ratio           29.5% the cost of the 14.5 WSM

    Jumbo Joe       $60
    80 qt pot         $103
    Extra grill        $14
    Total              $177
    WSM 18.5       $300
    % ratio           59% the cost of the 18.5 WSM 

    I did not include the bolts and screws because those are items that many of us have laying around and are a very small percentage of the total mod. Same goes for terra cotta pot saucers and steamer pans/diffusers. The problem here is the pot. The large 80 qt pot has to be special ordered, and the larger the pot  the greater the cost. Now Craigslist can provide some deals, but you'll rarely find a Jumbo Joe and an 80 qt stock pot that would actually fit the JJ. Smokey Joes can be scored for $10 quite commonly on CL, yard sales or thrift stores, JJ not so much. One can also go into Target tonight and assemble to the entire suite of materials required for the Smokey Joe mod. After finding a JJ at Target the other day for $40 I'd considered the Jumbo mod, but when I ran the numbers I realized that it just wasn't a good deal, especially since there were two WSM 18.5's on CL, one for $120, the other for $150. I'll keep the JJ cause I think it stands well on its own, but for now I may build the Smokey Joe mod. However, I'll keep my tape measure in my pocket in the highly unlikely event that I see a big stock pot that might fit the Jumbo Joe.

    FYI Here is the appropriate pot forwarded to me by FWIsmoker:

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