anyone interested in wood ?

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  1. i have a few ricks of well seasoned black cherry or red oak i live in central ohio 20 min west of akron 1 hour north of columbus 44235 zip let me know can sell by half ricks or can miss match wood thanks jerry
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    I am too far to come get your wood, but, hey, what is a rick of wood?

    Here in Maine, we sell wood by the cord.
  3. I believe it is 1/2 cord. I think it also may be called a face cord
  4. ricks have roughly 190 pieces 16" to 20" long and any were from 3" to 6 " wide . this wood has been seasoned for about 15 months it is ready to cook .
  5. A rick is 1/3 of a cord.
    For purposes of selling firewood, the standard length of a stick is 16 inches long. You will see it longer or even shorter, but the standard is 16 inches. So a cord can be measured as 3 rows wide (or 4 feet) by 4 feet tall by 8 feet long, or 128 cubic feet. A rick (or a face cord) would be 1 row wide (or 16 inches) by 4 feet tall by 8 feet long.
  6. How much ya want for a rick?
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    Gunslinger thanks fer the wood lesson , cause i was a wonderin too....
    and g3auto if yer willin to chunck some-oh that nice seasoned wood i'd pay for wood plus shipping in say a case a oil sized box shipped to n.j. ?
    we dont much get cherry in jersey..........not without violating a few trespassing law's and or distruction of private property charges.......
  8. i have no problem shipping wood just give me a phone # and a time to call so we can set it up thanks jerry or call me at my shop 330-603-1527 price is $100 a rick for well seasoned (15 months) black cherry while supplys last . i also have red oak seasoned and some green (fresh cut ) hickory ..... if you want a small amount shipped for you charcoal smokers call and we can figure out a fair price ...
    ps. thanks gunslinger you are correct .
  9. sometimes I get morning wood in the afternoon...whats up with that?[​IMG]
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