Anyone here have experience with this Acurate thermometer?

Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by smokersouth, Nov 11, 2015.

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    Info here is nonexistent on this thermometer. Or at least I couldn't find it.

    Have any of you folks used the Acurite thermometer model # 00277?

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    That one must be a newer model, as I've never seen it before....that's probably why you can't find any posts about it. I've used 3 (identical) older, somewhat similar models of Accurite with good results, as long as I didn't drop the head unit and destroy it or the cable...none will fair very well from that sort of treatment. The model I used had 24-hr count-up/down timers and selectable alarm set-points, and I used rechargeable batteries in them, so they seemed to be less sensitive to lower battery voltage. They were also reasonably accurate at +/- 1-2*F during temp-read verifications (boil-test or ice/slush bath). Back in the day when I had a smoke going every chance I got, these units lasted for about 3-4 years each, even with the unintentional abuse I put them through. Sometimes I had all 3 going at once and I don't remember ever having operating issues with them. Just keep the head unit dry and out of direct sunlight or high heat, as the LCD display becomes difficult to read when hot.

    The model you linked has the thin stainless braided cable assembly like most manufacturers use (same cable design as mine), which requires diligence and care to keep from damaging it, such as avoiding pinch-points, kinks, etc. I do like the probe-grab on the cable end, but mine had a angled probe which helped to avoid cable damage on the probe end, as there is no strain-relief on the probe, but there is on the plug end. The stainless braid is far better than bare insulated cables...avoid those at any price...been there...they get cut and abraided very easily without foil-wrap. With any probe cables it's a good idea to wrap them in foil for an added layer of protection. Non-wireless probes are generally more reliable than wireless transmitters, though wireless offers more convenience...I've used a couple of the cheaper brands of those as well, with less than impressive results.

    Wish I had more specific info for you, but I just haven't seen or used that model before. Accurite has been good for me over the years, though, so I won't tell you not to buy it. The model I had was $22-24 at that time, depending on where I bought them, and if I could still find them I wouldn't hesitate to buy a couple more.

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    The thermometer came in today and since there are no reviews on it here I thought I might as well provide one.

    I got it on ebay. $19.25 with free shipping. Amazon has it for $17.27 but shipping is $6.72. No thanks on this one, Amazon.

    It has settings for Farenheight and Celsius. It registers temps. of 14F - 450F and 10C - 232C.

    I used it tonight and it did fine.

    It's nothing too fancy which is okay with me. I wanted something to register the internal temp. of what I'm smoking. It does that.

    I have a $3.99 stand up oven thermometer I sit on a grate to tell me the temp. in the smoke chamber. It's very accurate.

    I don't need a $50 - $99 turbo, dual probe, tactical bluetooth device to smoke with. Looks like I'm all set for around $20.

    I did the ice water and boiling water tests and it registered +1/+2 degrees over in both tests. I don't see that as a problem. Do the simple math if you need to be that precise. :)

    The first 1.5" of the probe is tapered making for easy insertion. I've always found probe insertion in fish a pain. The probes tend to come lose, not enough to bite into.

    I used it on a salmon filet tonight and inserted it ito the thickest part, which was none too thick, set it for 145 deg. and it did fine.

    It has a bunch of pre-sets for beef, chicken, lamb etc. that will supposedly give you rare, med. rare, medium and so on but I intend to use the "custom" setting and just set it for what I want.

    There is a plastic? handle between the probe and cord.  Acurite says the probe cord can handle temps. up to 700 deg. The handle gets warm to the touch but it was not at all hot at 225F in the smoker chamber. Kind of surprising. I wonder what the handle is made of.

    The cord is that braided metal stuff you have to be careful with but it feeds right into that handle so it's well protected. This is really a bonus.

    There are two well placed magnets on the back. I placed the thermometer on the refrigerator. The magnets are pretty powerful.

    All in all, I like it a lot. Now we'll see if it stands the test of time.

    If you have any questions, ask away and I'll try to answer.
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