Anyone have a sweet and tangy snack stick recipe?

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  1. My local smokehouse has a "backwoods beef stick" which is incredible. They state it's a sweet and tangy snack stick and I was wondering if anyone had a recipe that I can make something similar to it.
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  3. Thanks for the bump. Still looking for a recipe that would be similar to this.
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    PS Seasoning carries a Habanero Maple spice blend for snack sticks. A little zip from the peppers and a smooth sweet after taste that I think is very good. I did a 25 lb batch in Jan using 22 mm collagen casings but ran out at about 20 lb so I finished with 38 mm collagen casings. I got rave reviews on my "small summer sausage" links.

  5. Here's a pic of the beef sticks from the local smokehouse I've described above. Do you know what kind of casings these are too?
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    The casings appear to be edible collagen that have been colored..... they come in a "clear" version also.....
  7. Thank you. I've only used 19mm collagen and a hog casing before so I wasn't too sure. Usually the beef sticks I make are in the collagen and the kielbasa has been in the hog casings. I think in these smokehouse made sticks, it's a smaller collagen like you said and probably colored. The casings wrinkle up which seems to make them have a "snap". My casings never wrinkle up. :(
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    To get the casings to wrinkle, remove from the smoker and let them cool naturally..... on pics to enlarge.....

  9. Those look excellent! Does the damper setting have anything to do with how the casings dry or wrinkle? Just wondering if I should have the damper open or closed while smoking? Also the smoking temp. I usually do 140 and then go up to 175?
  10. Here's another newbie question. I notice the string type ties on the ends. Where can I get those?
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    Always have the damper open when adding smoke... You want the moisture to escape... and the smoke to be sweet.... for the temps, I start at about 120 ish with no smoke to dry the surface of moisture, then 140 for several hours then 160 ish until an IT is about 145 on the sticks... that usually takes 24 hours.... I only add smoke for 4-6 hours during the 140 zone....

    That's butchers twine... any cotton string will do.... synthetic string may melt ....

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  12. This has been a ton of help.  Thank you!  Now I see what I've been doing wrong and why my snack sticks turn out wet or damp.

    I've been keeping the damper shut thinking the more smoke the better inside, without realizing that just means more moisture buildup...

    Looks like I'll be looking for some butchers twine or cotton string too.

    Thanks again!
  13. I have also heard, if you want snack meat stick, after the smoker, put them in dehydrator, and turn it on till they get where you want them.
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    That's a good idea.......

    One more thing...... Be sure to use Cure #1 in your recipe for slow smoked anything..... 1 tsp per 5 #'s meat......


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