Anyone ever shopped at Reids?

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  1. Reid's is owned by the same people as Food Lion and we have one in Cayce, SC.  They always have great meat specials.  They have Butt for $1.29/lb.  Any experience with quality?
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    Does it say on the package the packer, such as Tyson?  Most butts are 6-8 lbs in size which is in the right poundage range for tender pork.  Are they cryovac'd, 1 or 2 per pkg?  If not COV, make sure they aren't cut down, 4 lbs or less - most the bone-in slices have been removed and all you are left with is the heel, the wastied part.  Fiesta does that and you pay as much per lb for a heel as anyone else charges for the whole butt.
  3. Thanks for the reply.  I picked up 2-2 packs yesterday.  They were COV with a Smithfield label and were $1.27/lb.  Most of the two-packs were 11-13 lbs.  I got two 12 lb packs but it looked like it might have a 7 and a 5 pounder if that makes sense. I'll smoke 3 of them and use the other to grind up with venison for sausage.  So based on what you said, I should smoke the larger ones?

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