anyone ever seen oneof these?

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by rober49, Dec 8, 2015.

  1. rober49

    rober49 Smoke Blower


    any information?
  2. boykjo

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    Thats a tough one... would like to see who can answer this one
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  3. halfsmoked

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    Looks like something made from metal trash cans hope the galvanize was burned off !!! But it does look neat.
  4. rober49

    rober49 Smoke Blower

    it's on a classified ad. i'll call & see what I can find out about. it's too far away for a quick look. ad says it's gas or charcoal.
  5. Hello.  I'll have a guess.  I doubt it was ever galvanised.  I THINK it is an old incinerator.  Maybe not used to run a radiator system but as room heat.  OR just a garden incinerator back in the day before trash collection was everywhere.  I wish I could enlarge the photo but I think it may be PRETTY heavy.  Well that is my guess.  Will be interesting to see what you find out.  Keep Smokin!

  6. rober49

    rober49 Smoke Blower

    I talked to the guy & he has no real details except that is has a propane hook looks well built but it's too far away to do a drive by. i'll keep looking for a WSM.

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