Anyone else notice these two things with a GMG?

Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by cornfedkiller, Jun 10, 2015.

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    1) I updated the firmware so that my grill can connect to my home wifi network so that I can run it with the app on my phone anywhere I have internet connection.  Awesome feature so that I dont have to tie up my phone's internet capability, and I can be more than 100 feet from my grill... BUT it seems like the app has trouble connecting to the grill - it always takes multiple attempts before it will connect.

    Also, using an iPhone, and any time the background light shuts off on my phone and it goes to the lock screen, the app disconnects and I have to reconnect to the grill before I can do this a setting I need to change somewhere?

    2) It takes things take a lot longer to cook on it than it seems like it should.. 2 examples: When I make a frozen pizza on it, in the oven set to 425, it takes 13-14 mins, but when I have my grill set to 425, it takes closer to 25 mins to cook it.  Also, I read a couple recipes for chicken breast in my GMG recipe book, and there are two different recipes, both say grill at 325, and one says it should take 8 mins a side and the other says 25-35 mins.  I have had my chicken breast on there now for 28 mins and Im only at an internal temp of 119, so I have a ways to go.  Is that normal? 
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    Your actual grate temp and chamber temp probably is nowhere near what your set/actual temp show on the GMG.  Many grills have this problem and a downdraft hood can help.

    Check your grate temps and chamber temp with a Maverick or similar thermo and see what you come up with.  Grate temp is easy enough to get (check in middle and on right side).  I get the chamber temp by hanging a probe from the top of the grill (I just clilp it to the top of the chamber and let it hang so it is about 6 inches or so above the grate).

    If your temps are off a bit, you can simply increase your set temp or try mods like a downdraft hood.  Good luck.

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