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  1. I have done ribs many times but over the time of doing them and changing dry rub for a new and exciting taste I then look or create something different with many successes and a few good failures. So my question is would anyone care to share their best dry rub for St. Louis style ribs. I am looking for something that has a great amount of heat and finishes sweet like candy.
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  3. Thanks I am smoking 4 racks tomorrow so I will definitely try out your rib rub
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    No problem. If you want to add more heat just put in like 1 tsp of Cumin. My girlfriend doesn't like Cumin so I don't get to use it in there anymore :(
  5. Get this one. One of my best buds has asked if I can do some type of sriracha chili sauce on his rib rack?!?!? I'm up for a challenge but this is definitely different, so I have been in the kitchen trying to get a mop sauce with out covering up the meat flavor. So far I have Sriracha, honey, cider vinegar (mostly to cut the thickness down) and some fresh herbs. It's still reducing down so hopefully the taste will be okay it smells good
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    Damn, that does sound good! You should post a pic of it when it's done.

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