Anyone buy this mixer off amazon?

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by cantgoogleme, Jul 22, 2011.

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    I bought a 20lb mixer off It arrived today and I got something that doesn't really look like stainless steel. It looks like there may be a layer of paint over it or something ... either that or it's just really dirty, but I get grey residue when I rub my hands over it.

    I was wondering if anyone here had bought the same one and had similar results.

    Should I just clean it up and use it? Do the ones you get from cabelas look like real stainless, like the kind you'd see in a sink or nice restaurant kitchen counters?

    I can live with it being cheap material I just can't tell if that's some crazy chinese crap coating on it or just dirty and I don't want that shit rubbing into my sausage mix if it's a coating.
  2. couger78

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     I'd be a bit leery of using it unless the residue can be completely removed before using it for food.

    From an electrochemical cleaning site:

    Grey Residue:   On equipment with a sanded or mechanically polished stainless steel surface only it is common to find a grey residue present when the surface is wiped with an alcohol soaked cloth. 

    It is believed this grey residue is made up of stainless steel powder created by the sanding process and electrostatically adhered to the mechanically polished surface (PIC).  No amount of wiping or chemical cleaning has proven to completely remove this residue. Understandably Quality Control personnel find this condition unacceptable concerned if the grey residue can be wiped off, it stands to reason it can come loose during product processing and become an undesirable additive.
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    I would think hard about a meat mixer.  There are pros and cons but unless you process larger batches (IMO) they are more trouble than they are worth.  I recently did a review of a Weston Mixer on this sight.  Some of the draw backs of mixers are noted there.  By the way.  I found after running into a manufactering problem with the Weston that their customer service and support is very good.

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