Any upright compressor builds out there?

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by busmania, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. busmania

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    I built a 33 gallon reverse flow last year.  It works well but the small size creates some issues/limitations.  I have acquired the tank for my next build.  It is a 60 gallon.  I was thinking of maybe doing an upright (to save space while not using).  What are the disadvantages?  I still want it to burn split wood and charcoal.  Best to put the firebox off to the side or could I even put the fire box directly under the inverted compressor tank?  I do realize the entire thing might be a little unstable so I would plan for that as well.

    Any links or advice for an upright compressor build?  My other thought is just a traditional offset (not reverse flow), but I've kind of already done that.
  2. busmania

    busmania Smoke Blower

    Here are the two ideas I was thinking about.  Correct me if I am wrong but it seems as though an upright would be easier to maintain constant temps all throughout?

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  3. busmania

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    I think I have decided on option #2.  Do I need to take the same measurement considerations into account for an upright as I would if it was sitting sideways?  Doesn't the fact that it is upright kind of create a draft?  For example, a weber smokey mountain (same idea here) doesn't have an exaust stack to create draft.  I guess my question is, do I need to calculate the size of the FB to CC opening or can I just cut a 8-10" circle in the firebox (FB to CC) and then a short 3-4" tall exaust that is about 4" wide (or even NO exhaust?  I would have a baffle on top of the exaust to open/close as needed.

    Here is my latest idea.  Thoughts?  Again, if a Weber Smokey mountain (and other uprights) don't have an exhaust stack, will this need one?  Or does the rising heat automatically create the draft I need? 

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  4. busmania

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    I really need help!  Is there anyone that can help point me in the right direction for dimensions on this puppy?  I really just need to know if the FB to CC opening matters (I was thinking about a 12-14" circle cut from top of firebox).  Also, how to calculate the stack size for this.  I can figure out air inlets and such on my own. 

    Thank you.
  5. busmania

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    Guess it's just me, my thread and my smoker (and welder of course)....

    mocked it up so I could visualize (I cannot draw for crap)

    40% scale

    Theme I am thinking about

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  6. johnboybaker

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    Looks good I know on my drum smoker built or the uds witch ever you want to call it. I added a 8" tall 2" pipe for an exhaust. To get the temps up in cold weather smoking.
  7. trannyguy

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    Hey I just came across this post and was wondering if you ever got it built? If so how did it work
  8. trannyguy

    trannyguy Newbie

    Hey I just came across this post and was wondering if you ever got it built? If so how did it work

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