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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by ldrus, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. ldrus

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    looking to get a  sausage stuffer 5lb  would be just fine  would prefer the  metal gears  any one know of any sales any where?
  2. ronrude

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    I picked up a 5lb LEM vertical stuffer with metal gears and sausage kits for $149 at a store called Fleet Farm in Minneapolis, but it wasn't on sale.  I do recommend the kit though.  It is a good solid stuffer.  It was around the same price as the stuffer Gander Mountain sells but Gander Mountain doesn't have metal gears and didn't come with sausage kits.  I recommend looking for a the LEM unit online if you are looking for a sale. 

    Here is a spot online that has it on sale, but for the same price.   They also have the stuffer without the kit for about $20 less.
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  4. ronrude

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    I did just find out that this doesn't come with a tube small enough to do sheep casings for breakfast sausage.  That is $13 more from the LEM site.  (I hadn't tried the small sausages yet.)  the small tube is metal.  It is still a fantastic stuffer. 
  5. yrrndsmoker

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    The LEM 5lb stuffers are out of stock and backorder pretty much everywhere.  I just ended up ordering a Kitchner stuffer (was $99), about 30-40$ cheaper but with plastic gears. 

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