Any professional guys not doing a Texas crutch?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by cofi, Sep 17, 2015.

  1. cofi

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    And if not what is your strategy for getting brisket to finish up on schedule? I'm guessing starting 24-30 hours ahead and holding in a warming box or cooler if it finishes early?
  2. jcbigler

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    Well, I'm not a professional (yet), but according to Aaron Franklin in his book, he cooks his brisket for about 12-14 hours and then holds it for 8-10 hours. It is well known that he uses butcher paper. He also cooks hotter at about 275 for brisket.

    I think his extended holding time has more to do with the fact that he needed his smokers for other cuts of meat than it does for some kind of tenderness strategy.
  3. cofi

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    What is he holding in? Warming box? What temp?
  4. jcbigler

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    That I don't know for sure. Somewhere I got the impression that it was just a closet space in his restaurant. I've seen videos online of his guys stacking brisket on those tall catering carts with pull out aluminum or plastic trays. 60+ briskets each at 200+ degrees will stay hot in a simple insulated closet for a long time.

    Standard food safety guidlines say that everything needs to be above 140 degrees until it is eaten. Aaron is a stickler for safety and cleanlines so whatever he is doing I'm sure it stays above the safe temp.
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  5. jcbigler

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    Also, in his book, he has a whole 24 hour point by point list of when he preps, cooks, and pulls all of his meats.
  6. cofi

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    I'm on the waiting list for his book from our library I can't wait
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    You can get it on line for less than $20.00.I think mine was about $ 18.00 free shipping.
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    I stopped doing it in comps this year. I set my pitmaker vault at 250 center rack which gives me a top rack temp of 270-275. Start the brisket there 16 hrs before turn in. Usually check after 10 hrs and move around in amoker if getting done to fast to make sure it gets done time I want it to. If its struggling I will do foil late as to not disturb the bark
  9. cofi

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    That makes a lot of sense thanks for your reply

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