Any opinions on Pit Boss 820 pellet grill?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mrad, Feb 23, 2014.

  1. mrad

    mrad Smoke Blower

    Saw this at Menards today. Price was $499.  Does this look like something I would regret buying. What would be the big differences between this and Louisianna 570.  The Pit Boss is about half price. Guessing corners were cut somewhere.
  2. toledojeff

    toledojeff Newbie

    purchased one the other day. Menards has a sale of an additional 11% off. Never used a pellet system before, and for the price I was willing to give it a try. easy instructions. Some draw backs, if this is a draw back the temp I wanted to use was 275. the dial says 250 then 300. I found the temp fluctuating a bit, not enough for me to criticize the grill. The lid leak a bit needs some sort of seal but manageable. Cook for the first time today, St. Louis style ribs at 250 or sometimes at 260. Had a storm rolling in finished the off in the over after 3 house smoking and spritzing. Ribs had a nice color. flavor was good, tenderness was their. the only draw back I needed more smoke. I will play with that. Very happy with the price and the construction. I think other grill of this type are over priced. Happy I decided to purchase this grill.

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