Any one smoke pork belly not for bacon, but for pulling?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by jbills5, May 27, 2014.

  1. jbills5

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    I have seen this a few times on BBQ pitmasters and was looking for some tips for anyone that has done this.  What IT are you looking to hit?  Do you keep the skin on or remove before smoking?
  2. jbills5

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    So I just saw a great video on cooking pork belly.  Basically treat it just like a pork butt.  
  3. dutch

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    jbills-I've not seen any posts here about using the belly for pulled pork. Guess we're kind of traditionalist here and use the pork belly for making bacon.

    You may need to do a google/bing search and see what comes up. I just looked and there were no hits for SMF but there are a few sites out there that has the information you're looking for.

    But here is my 2¢-Smoking with the skin on will firm up the rind and make it easer to remove, just remember to save the rind for making cracklins . Removing the skin befor smoking will allow you to add more rub to the belly.

    Smoke it at 225°-250° and take the internal temp 205°-210° for pulling-if you want to slice it then pull it when the IT reaches 190°-195°.

    The only draw back that I can see is that there will be quite a bit of fat going to waste in the pulling process; but then if you get a belly that is too lean you may end up with some dry meat.

    If it was me, I would get a nice pork butt and go that route for some amazing pulled pork.

    As always-YMMV!
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  4. alblancher

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    Throw a bit of brown sugar and rub on it, smoke for flavor, cube and then tighten up a bit on a hot grill.  Serve as an appetizer.  Pork Candy!  A little goes a long way. 

    Like Dutch said, seems like bellies would be mostly fat if pulled  and the idea just doesn't appeal to me.   I know belly can be "stringy" if not handled properly.
  5. jbills5

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    Linked below is the video I just watched and thought this looked really good.

  6. chef jimmyj

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    Considering the price of Bacon and on average it being around 50% fat, you will be making some very expensive pulled pork.

    I have seen an episode of DDD where a whole Hog is smoked and when the Pitmaster was ready to make a sandwhich for Guy, the PM reached in between the belly skin and ribs and pulled out a hand full of long strands of belly muscle, what would be Bacon. He called it the " Caviar " of the pig. I am sure it tasted great. Many southern whole Hog BBQ Shack chop all the different parts of the pig and mix them. Some will let customers order Extra of their favorite portion of the Hog. Sold as Midlin's, the lean portion of the belly are prized. I would imagine smoked pulled belly would be very flavorful but I think I would rather enjoy it as Thick Sliced Apple Wood Smoked Bacon rather than more generic Pulled Pork that if you closed your eyes, may not be able to distinguish it from other portions...JJ
  7. dandl93

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     I watched the video and  The meat looked very slimy with fat and stringy you was correct

    Jbills5   .Do a pork butt for PP and on the side make a lard dipping sauce if that is what you are looking for.I would keep the belly for cured smoked BACON.

  8. It may be very good but I don't think I could bring myself to do that to a belly...

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