Any Lang 48/60 Owners in Central TX?

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    I am trying to figure out my next smoker and it looks like I will be going the way of the Lang. I personally think that the 36 is too small, but the 84 would be too big for me now and in the future. So, I am fixated on the 48 or 60 models. The only problem is that I can't really get a good grasp of how much cooking space is really available on them just by eyeballing pictures or envisioning the listed dimensions. Is there anyone in the Central TX area with one of these? I don't want to overstep forum rules, but I would love to come by just to get a quick look at the available cooking space available up close and personal. I know that would help me make up my mind. I am in the Austin TX area, and am willing to drive a few hours to finally put this question to bed. If you want o show mw how you fire it up or store it that would be wonderful as well!!

    Am I asking too much?
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    If you're willing to drive a few hours to see one , by all means go by the factory and get all your questions answered...
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    Hey oldschool...

    I was talking about driving 3 or so hours to get a look and feel for a Lang...not driving all the way to Nahunta from Austin TX lol. Right now its moot because I place my order for a Lang 60 today and  am very excited. As others who have purchased Lang's in the past have said, now the wait begins!
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    FYI - in case anyone wants to know or is interested, I asked for dual thermometers on my unit and digital thermometer probe holes.

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