Any know about Hangar Steak??

Discussion in 'Meat Selection and Processing' started by danbono, Jul 9, 2013.

  1. danbono

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    Hi All I was in Restaurant Depot today and picked a package of Hangar steaks. What an ugly piece of meat.. What to do with IT?
    Right now I have in a Italian dressing marinate...I just watch some video's of hangar steak and they all took out the center tendon, can I cook the steak 1st then remove the tendon??

    Thanks Dan
    PS It going on the grill in about 2 hrs.
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  2. chef willie

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    No mention of a tendon here......

    Hanger steak is a cut of beef taken from below the diaphragm in cattle and is named for the way the muscle “hangs” over the animal’s stomach. The muscle is typically cut in half during butchering, which means that each steer or heifer produces two steaks. The meat is naturally thin and usually quite lean, making it popular for recipes that call for meat that is cut into strips. Cooking this cut properly can be something of a challenge, though, as it is easy to overcook. The steaks are usually most tender when cooked rare or medium rare; when well done, the meat tends to get tough and stringy.

    Where It Comes From

    Butchers typically follow a more or less universal pattern for making cuts and carving steaks, which means that a “hanger steak” will be the same thing no matter where it is sold. The cut is sometimes also marketed as a “hanging tender,” “butcher’s steak” or “bistro cut,” but in all instances, it comes from the same place: the tender muscle between the stomach and the diaphragm.

    Popular Uses

    Most cattle do not use the muscles around their diaphragms very much, which makes the meat in this region quite lean. The natural thinness of the cut makes it a favorite for dishes that require strips of meat, as less preparation is required. It can work well for fajitas, Mongolian beef, and steak sandwiches and steak salads, for example
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  3. danbono

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  4. chef willie

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    Yeah, that's nasty looking. IMO I'd flash cook/grill it much like a flank steak for fajitas and deal with it after the fact
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  5. danbono

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    Hi Chef Willie That is just what I was thinking of doing.. Was worried leaving might hurt the meat some.
    I went to RD to get Skirt steaks, but the choices were soo many and confusing, inside/outside/pealed/choice/select, I had a Flat Iron steaks in my cart but switch it for Hangar Steaks.
    Did get some nice CAB briskets for the smoker..:drool
    Thanks for your fast replies.
    Will post back with the resuklts of the Hangar steak.
  6. foamheart

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    When in West Texas we cooked alot of fajitas outside always using flank. but one time there was no flank and the party had already started at the house. The butcher (a great guy), sold me some hanger. told me it would outstanding as fajitas. Can't hardly find it anymore but I always luck and ask the butcher when I get a fajita Jones.

    Welder buddy started making custom fajita cookers out of polished tractor disc's, wish I had a picture, which he always brought to the chili cook offs and parked next to me. That hanger is best when only cooked mins. he would cook the bell peppers and onions in the clean disc and then throw the hanger in/on the wood fire. Turn it once, pull, foil a few then slice. Almost looked like a London broil. If you see something similar to the below with the lower disc being adjustable at any chili competition in west Texas and New Mexico tell the cook that Goldie said Hi and he'll feed ya and don't fall for that line about homemade beer being lower in alcohol!

    Best fajitas I ever had. Nothing like that Taco company makes. There was a Mexican resturant there in Odessa that was getting ALL the Mexican business (and thats saying  alot), So much so that Taco/Pepsi bought 'em and allowed them to retain their name.

    I babble on, Fajitas get my vote!

    This is similar to his Fajita cooker, Since its just a picture I will try the link, I am not selling 'em.
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  7. danbono

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    Hi The Hangar steak was awesome. Grilled it till it hit 140*,Miss finicky thought it was too fatty for her.It was tender and tasty. But now it is back to drawing broad to out what miss finicky would like when it comes to,beef. I have 1 more left next time I will trim and remove whatever that is in the center.

    Thanks Dan
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