Any issues with Racoons on overnight smokes? lol

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by ultralow787, Jan 3, 2015.

  1. I used my RF smoker a few times last summer, but always while I was tending it. I recently got a 18.5" WSM and keep reading about how you can set them for long overnight cooks.

    I have never seen this topic on here anywhere, but has anyone ever had racoons or other invaders of your smoker while left overnight out in the yard with aromatic meats cooking out there?

    I live in a pretty isolated area in the country and see these critters all the time. You can't leave trash or anything out at night. I assume the smell of nice meats cooking would just draw them in?
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    I've had no problems with raccoons, but I have a had a night smoking encounter with a skunk and a porcupine! When I lived at the coast we had a black bear demolish a little chief smoker full of salmon.
  3. Wow! Never even thought about bears!

    We have a lot of Mink in the yard... so salmon smoking overnight might draw them in.

    Skunks don't seem to be an issue either but those masked marauders of the night concern me! They are bold and have tossed our other composting bins down the stairs to pop them open! We collect all food waste in a closed green bin for pick up weekly here.
  4. radioguy

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    If you suspect critters, dust some flour around and the foot prints will tell the story.

  5. That might identify the critter.... but in the mean time, I fed them a $70.00 brisket! lol
  6. mr t 59874

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    Try hanging a coon skin hat on the smoker door. LOL  No problems with a hot smoker (knock on wood), but a bear made a mess of the smoking deck this fall.

  7. Do you think I'm being overly paranoid? lol

    I mean it just seems natural to me that a racoon would not hesitate to toss over a WSM to get to the juicy treasures inside! Especially, if there were no humans around during the night.
  8. timberjet

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    You could build a chicken wire enclosure if you are really that paranoid. I have a dog that does the guard duty for me. I would just think a 200+ degree fire in there would keep them off the smoker.
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