Any help on smoking a 13lb turkey.

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by jojo1580, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. I'm smoking a 13lb turkey tomorrow in my propane vertical smoker, can anyone tell me what steps to take. Thanks alot from the Volunteer state.
  2. Don't mean to be a jerk, but did you bother to look in the poultry forum?
    There is like 4 threads on the same topic, maybe 30-40 posts, so lots of good help.

    Good Luck with your Fowl Stuff[​IMG]
  3. Thanks. I found Jeff's smoked turkey recipe...
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    Many of us brine the turkey with either Jeff's brine or Travcoman45's brine recipe. Then we take it out of the brine rinse well pat dry apply spices or rub. Then into the smoker. You will find a couple different thoughts on smoker temps some like to smoke at about 225 and this allows for maximum smoke flavor but usually the skin will come out kind of like rubber. Some will smoke the bird at a higher temp like 275-325 and this while maybe giving up a bit of the smoke flavor does usually produce a nice crispy skin. You will also find some people will smoke them around 225 then finish them on a hot grill or in the oven at higher temps to crisp the skin. I smoke till I reach an internal temp of 170 in the breast and about 175 in the thigh then tent foil and allow it to rest before slicing

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