Any Good Tips for the Lid?

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  1. I'm posting to get some good ideas on what to do with my WSM lid when I'm adding meat to the racks, mopping, saucing, etc.  

    I've set my lid down on the patio and got a ring mark on my concrete. I looked at it as a smoker's badge of honor, but my wife didn't see it that way. Now I'm dragging an old piece of plywood out of the garage so I can put my lid on it while I'm smoking. I looking for input from others to see what clever solutions people are using. 

    Thanks in advance, and I look forward to everyone's suggestions. Let the discussion begin!
  2. I've seen hooks and racks. There's even a company that makes a hinge.

    The simplest idea was a cpl 2x4(s) hinged together. When needed they were opened and when stored folded up.
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  4. Went to the hardware store and found a hook for a potted plant. Pushed it in the ground and problem solved! I'm still curious to find out ingenious ideas that others have tried!

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    I installed the hinge a couple weeks ago and it works great. Gets the lid out of the way securely. Allows good access to the rack. About the only down side I can think of is your cover might not fit over it.
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