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Discussion in 'Pork' started by confederateknowhow, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. I'm going to knock the dust off the GSM Big Block to smoke a couple Boston Butts for my father's 50th birthday party. I'm also going to do some ABT's for it too.
    I'm definatly going to make some of the finishing sauce for the pork. I usually rub them down the day before with Durkee's St. Louis style rib rub, does anyone have any ideas for the butts? What about a brine before the rub? What would you do?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. bbq engineer

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    If it were me, I'd remove the fat cap (I am of the opinion that the cap removed provides much more bark and allows smoke to that bark) rub those baby's down, and wrap for the fridge. Day of the smoke, I'd start my fire (you can ignite your burner), and smoke the butts using apple and pecan wood until approx 200°-205°, while spritzing with apple or apple / cap't morgan every little bit. When at the temp above I'd wrap them up and let them rest. Come time to eat, I'd pull the pork and serve it with some spicy cole slaw and maybe some beans. Leftovers I would make pulled pork nachos, pulled pork enchiladas, pulled pork open faced sammies with taters, and mushroom gravy. It would be great!

    I don't usually foil butts, because I am of the opinion that they are so forgiving anyway.

    good luck!
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    Ok first I don't cut off the fat cap. I think it baises the meat as it melts. Then rub it with your fav rub that you have. I have heard (from Fire It Up) he injects his with a mixture of apple juice and dried chipoles and let marinade over night. I pefer to use fruit wood like apple or cherry and spitz after the fist 2 hours or so with juice like apple with a vinagar chaser (helps to tenderize it) that most don't need. I smok it at about 230-240 and let it go till about 160 and then foil it and take it to 195-200 and towel and cooler it for 1 to 2 hours then pull it. after that I use a great finishing sauce form Mikey a tomatoe based sauce with alittle kick. Now thats how I smoke a butt if you want I'm smoking one tommorrow swing on in and we'll smoke one just remember it's BYOB so Bring Your Own Butt.
    Happy Birthday Dad
    PS I have a pretty good recipe for beans: Garbage Beans it's in the side page here.
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    Like MBALLI says, you can leave the fat cap is one of those questions like do I foil, or do I really is your choice. I don't usually foil a butt, and I believe that the fat cap should be removed because smoke doesn't penetrate it (and I like the smoke penetration and bark). Some will even score the fat cap deeply with the knife, and it makes a pretty cool designs as the fat renders away. However you decide to do it, it's all good. If it has been a while since you have trimmed a butt, here is a really good tutorial with photos along the way...

    whatever you decide, cook to temp instead of time, keep the smoke thin and blue, and make sure you wish you dad happy birthday. It's gonna be great!
  5. tacman

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    I experiemented yesterday and injected some apple juice mixed with some of the rub which brought some of the seasoning deep into the meat and it was plenty moist and tender, then foiled at 165 until it reached 200, then wrapped in a towel and tucked it into the cooler for an hour or so.... turned out pretty tasty and we are having left overs tonight.

    To foil or not to foil? Depends on whether you want a thick bark or not and is a personal preference.

    Don't be afraid to try somehting new and see if you like it that way or not.
  6. Thanks for all the great ideas. I usually remove the fat cap. I'm a bark lover myself. I found some dirt cheap rub at Wal-Mart for 10c and put it on counrty style ribs last night, and you talk about good! The brand is "Mama's Seasoned", it comes in a re-sealable bag. I would highly recommend to anyone for pork. I'll probably give the butts a good rub-down with it before the smoke.

    Thanks again!
  7. alx

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    I modify Big Bob Gibsons Butt injection( less salt and sugar for me) and inject at least 4 hours before smoking-usually overnight.This type of injection is similiar to a brine.

    If you wanna get tons of smoke,rub,pork fat flavor- a competition trick is too inject the foil juices after you reach desired internal and do the wrap and cooler procedure for a few hours.Real flavorful pulled pork throughout meat...

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