Any Deals or Coupon Codes for an AMNPS for April?

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  1. i hate to sound cheap, but every little bit helps ... then i have a little more money for beer and things to put in the smoker.
  2. i would like the code aswell :)
  3. None that I have seen.... he did just drop the price on it. I bouth one a few weeks ago and got it a few days later.
  4. Even without any codes or coupons, the amnps is well worth the price.

    I for 1 say you will never be sorry you bought one.

  5. You do get free shipping on your entire order if you order a Maverick ET-732 remote thermometer.
    I ordered one along with some other stuff a few weeks ago.
    It's a good way to stock up on pellets and dust and not get killed on the shipping!!! :biggrin:


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