Anotherr Pastrami(no photos)

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  1. Doing a nice 5 lb. Corn Beef to Pastrami and thought I would put my receipt in the ring. After I have your Corn Beef soaking for 6 hours to remove the salt I put the spices on it:(5 lb. piece)

                                                                       1/2T Paprika

                                                                       2 T Coriander

                                                                       2 T Brown Sugar

                                                                       1T Black Peppercorns

                                                                        4 Cloves of Garlic

                                                                       1t crush red Pepper

    Put in spice grinder, then 1T Capers, make a paste and add to spice. Cover beef and put in refrigerator for at least 24 hours.

     I smoke at 225 on my Traeger for 4 hours, then turn it up to 250 to get IT of 180. back in refrigerator for 24 hours.  I make a steamer from a pot and oil splatter screen and steam for 1 hour when ready to eat.  I use beer in the steamer.
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  3. Your right, here are two IT now at 158.
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    Nice...haven't done one in a while myself......price of CB outrageous.....Willie
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    I did one right after St. Pats Day CB was on sale. Wish I found this site before now. I only cooked mine to IT 160* it was perfect, moist and tender still had room to steam it.

    My rub was only pepper,coriander,paprika.


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